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6 thoughts on “Labatt going ultra low-calorie with Labatt 52

  1. In Canada, this would be a so called “premium beer” which would be priced accordingly. Only in Canada, more you get “less for more”.

  2. Bud Select 55 is only 2.4% ABV, so I would imagine that this will be lower, but not by much. Probably right around 2%.

  3. Had the chance to try this low cal Beer
    And I thought It was great it has flavor and color, I
    Think it should do well in the Low-Cal market…

  4. I did a blind taste test with Labatt 52 against the now discontinued Select Low Cal/Low Carb. In each test, the Select clearly had more flavor. I am disappointed. I was looking for a low carb beer that could finally taste like beer. A freind who is a diabetic recommended the Select. He will be very bumbed to find out it is no longer available.

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