Spoetzl Brewery, maker of Shiner beers, releases first ale in 103-year history

shiner wild hare pale ale label

Press Release:

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(Shiner, TX) – Debuting February 3, Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale will be joining the beloved family of Shiner Beers from the Spoetzl Brewery. Shiner Wild Hare is the first ale crafted by the Spoetzl Brewery in its 103-year history.

Shiner Wild Hare is a classic American Pale Ale made with American two-row barley with a blend of Munich and Caramel malts for rich malt flavor and clear amber color. US Golding and Bravo hop varieties are used in the kettle and fermenter for crisp bitterness and assertive fresh hop fruit and floral aroma. More than a pound of hops is used to produce each barrel of Shiner Wild Hare.

“As we start the brewery’s 103rd year our team is proud to brew this fine pale ale,” said Spoetzl’s brewmaster, Jimmy Mauric. “Shiner Wild Hare gives our brewers the opportunity to now share a great ale with our fans” he added.

Adding ales to the family of beers is just the latest chapter in the Spoetzl Brewery’s storied history. Shiner’s passion for more than a century has been crafting beers with character and personality.

Through their popularanniversary series, Shiner has given beer lovers access to a number of classic styles including Märzen, Helles, Schwarzbier and Czech Pilsner.

Their seasonal offerings have allowed them to innovate too. They have brewed with Texas peaches and roasted pecans to create Holiday Cheer, infused their refreshing summer favorite Ruby Redbird with grapefruit and ginger and crafted the perfect cookout beer with mesquite-smoked Shiner Smokehaus.

Those round out the year-round lineup of the legendary Shiner Bock, Shiner Blonde, Shiner LightBlonde, Bohemian Black Lager and Shiner Hefeweizen to create a diverse and distinctive family of craft beers. Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale is a fine addition to this family.

More About Shiner Beer and the Spoetzl Brewery
Founded in Shiner, Texas (population 2,070), the Spoetzl Brewery is one of America’s oldest independent breweries and the country’s fourth largest craft brewer. Shiner’s award-winning beer is available in 41 states. Every drop of Shiner is still handcrafted and bottled right at the spot where it all started in 1909. Visit us at www.shiner.com.

14 thoughts on “Spoetzl Brewery, maker of Shiner beers, releases first ale in 103-year history

  1. anyway, I tried the Wild Hare…..is ok…..but to nit pick even further, a friend pointed out the name “Wild Hare” which could be confusing, lol…..makes one think of a wild ale…..

  2. As already stated… Hefeweizen is an ale, therefore this is not their first ale.
    Side note: Gambrinus is an American-owned company. They are an importer of Grupo Modelo for a portion of the country, but there is no ownership one way or the other.

  3. Sorry, should’ve put the press release note at the top of this. My understanding is that not all yeasts used to make beer necessarily behave the same way. Not all top-fermenting yeasts really fit the definition for example. Maybe that is why they don’t consider their Hefe to be an ale. Or maybe it is a mistake. I really don’t know though I can ask. Email sent!

  4. It is an ale yeast strain…..so thus an ale…..no way around that, lol…….Im just being an ass about it though, I know what they mean, lol.

  5. Ahhhhh…..ok, that makes sense about Gambrinus then….I was mistaken…..it happens, lol…

  6. Source said that their Hefe is done w/ lager yeast. The entry in the Oxford Companion says that some Hefes in the U.S. aren’t true to form and perhaps this is one of them. Unfortunately, I don’t have more time to research this.

  7. Main reason as to why Shiner Hefeweizen is designated as an “Ale” is a result of the Texas Liquor code which used to state that any beer, regardless of Ale or Lager, that contains more than 5% ABV must be labeled as an Ale. Those under 5% must be labeled as beer. This has changed recently but no change to the label at this time.

  8. Thanks for that bit of news about the yeast….that is very interesting, I never would have thought.

  9. Gambrinus is not an importer for Grupo Modelo. That information is many years out of date. They own the Spoetzl Brewery, maker of Shiner Beers, Bridgeport Brewery in Portland and Trumer Baueri in Berkeley, CA, maker of Trumer Pils.

  10. When I watch a program on Hulu.com and have to sit through your horribly embarassing commercials. The commercials is so hokey I get embarassed watching it. I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking one of your beers after having to endure your pathetic attempt at a beer commercial. If your beer is as bad as your commercial it’s no wonder you are still in business!

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