Bell’s Black Note Stout bottles quietly come and go

Bell's Black Note Stout label

(Kalamazoo, MI) – Though Bell’s Black Note Stout bottles went on sale Friday, the information didn’t circulate online until Saturday. [ed. note: did they explicitly ask people to keep hush hush about it?] Actually, The Beer is Good blog broke the news.

Beer Advocate members started nearly 100 threads in the trading forums since Friday, most of them “in search of” the beer.

Only 1,081 bottles were produced according to the label. Buyers were limited to two bottles per person at $23 a bottle per field reports.

As of Sunday afternoon, it is unclear as to whether the bottles are sold out yet.

UPDATE: This was posted at 1pm on Sunday…


12 thoughts on “Bell’s Black Note Stout bottles quietly come and go

  1. Adam, we certainly did not ask anyone to keep it hush hush once it was released. In fact, we were surprised at the length of time it took to hit the Internet.

    We are extremely honored and filled with gratitude by the effort and support from the community who helped make this the fastest sell out for our 750 program.


    Laura S. Bell


  2. Thanks, Laura. From the perspective of someone who has followed the forums day-in day-out over the last four years, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Pretty impressive.

  3. Thank you Laura and your husband for putting out such awesome beer. My wife grew up in the Kalamazoo area and we make it a point to stop by every time we come back to see family.

  4. I believe Laura is the daughter of Larry Bell if that is what you mean. Unless both wife and daughter are named Laura at which point I’d now be quite embarrassed.

  5. Hey Adam – I broke the news on Friday (after I got my bottles 😉 ). I decided to take it down and hour or two later when I realized that it would be far cooler to see how long the word of mouth deal would go on. As it turned out, it was nearly 24 hours later before it was outed on BA.

    I thought it was really fun getting a txt saying “Black Note at General Store.” I dropped everything I was doing, drove the 90 minutes to kalamazoo and picked up my two bottles, not to mention a pint in the pub. Beer hunting, perfect way to spend a Friday!

  6. We kept it quiet so that people on the East side of the state had a chance to make it to one of these releases. Seems like all of the bottles get gobbled up by people within a 60-80 mile radius, given that the releases are usually on weekdays.

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