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Updated: four years didn’t teach me how to properly link an email so I’ve just put it in text at the bottom. quietly turns four years old on February 29th, 2012.

The site began with a blog post featuring an NPR interview with Portsmouth Brewing’s Tod Mott. That post illustrates the site’s beginnings as a source of information catered to the most hardcore of craft beer geeks, people like me. Nearly four years later, the site has grown to become the largest in the world solely dedicated to beer news, reaching a mix of passionate beer drinkers, casual beer drinkers and industry professionals.

The past four years have brought a lot of struggle and a lot of learning. For the first three-plus years, I collectively made less than $500 from the site, primarily from the occasional donation. That lack of money culminated in a cry for help last April. For anyone with some time, I wrote about the entrepreneurial journey in a reflective blog post over on in January. If you want to know more about me, Adam, or hope to start a business of your own, you should read it.

So, what is next for Hard to say as the past year has been quite unpredictable. For one, I know I want to add a new feature or two though I always plan to stay true to my vision: making this site THE HUB for daily beer news, a site that is free for everyone to access containing a mix of original content and curated links. The September 1st re-design, which makes it a lot easier to present that information, has been a huge success. Readership has grown 50% since August and last week was actually the busiest week ever on the site.

What is the point of this blog post anyway??

Consider it both a brief look at where we are at now as well as an effort in fundraising.

Tens of advertisers have stepped up to the plate over the past several months, not only to help support my mission with, but to bring in new customers for themselves. Local businesses like retailers, bars, distributors, breweries and event companies have been able to use the ability of banner ads to reach readers local to them. The sponsored post program has also been wildly successful. You guys have provided a ton of business to online retailers and beer of the month clubs. Thank you so much! (I haven’t said that nearly enough in the past four years).

Still, digital advertising remains a hard sell for many businesses. Many continue to throw money at print as they have for years without a second thought…despite the many advantages of online marketing. I’d love to chat with you.

Just one problem…doing everything that is required to run the content part of this site each day and making phone calls to businesses is really challenging. There just isn’t enough time in the day. So I’m going to use this post an opportunity to generate a few leads.

Do you run or work for a business that has been helped in some way from over the past four years? If so, I want to work with you!

Do you run a beer website with at least 10-15,000 visitors a month but you aren’t making money on it? Maybe we can find a spot for you in the network. See my email address below.

For businesses, here is some top-level information to get you started…

  • and a network of online beer partners have the ability to reach beer drinkers at scale
  • Partnership reached nearly 900,000 beer drinkers over the past month (well, technically, 900,000 devices like computers, ipads, mobile phones, etc. – some people access the site from more than one device)
  • We have the ability to reach beer drinkers specifically within any given state, region within a state or even down to the metro for large cities – oh, and we also serve hundreds of thousands in international markets as well
  • Options are very affordable and wide-ranging from banner ads to in-content promotions (like sponsored posts/tweets, etc)
  • You are working with a guy who spends countless hours on this business to the point where it is probably unhealthy! We can discuss what your goals are, figure things out together on the phone (or by email if you prefer) and see what plan makes the most sense. Any marketing we do comes with completely transparent reporting.
  • I fully intend on selling most of the advertising for the second quarter by the end of March. As a quick indication that the wheels are moving, some companies have already made deals for the whole year (though contracts are not required). Washington, for example, is almost completely sold out. DON’T WAIT!

If you are serious about wanting to advertise, contact me NOW with info about your business and what market(s) you are interested in reaching. Email me at adam at beerpulse d0t c0m. (That goes for you individual bloggers, too). Cheers! Adam

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