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Obama administration weighs abolishing chief alcohol regulation agency, TTB

That is one way to save the government some money but what would this mean for alcohol manufacturers in America?

To discuss what the move might mean, I called Michael Kaiser, director of communications for Wine America, which represents wineries in dealing with Congress.

"We are very much supportive in keeping the current regulatory aspect for the wine industry, and for spirits and beer," Kaiser said. "We worry about the FDA taking over, that it would be reactive. That is our concern, that it may be a power grab by the FDA to take over a topic they don’t really know anything about."

More here >> The Gray Report.


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10 thoughts on “Obama administration weighs abolishing chief alcohol regulation agency, TTB

  1. Beer nerds should support Ron Paul, that dude would clean the shit out of the ttb and the fda.

  2. Mike if you knew anything about the real man Ron Paul you would understand that statement! I have worked in Paul’s district for years and hes is a vocal supporter of business owners rites to racial segregation, and is a writer of several racist newsletters. You should educate yourself Mike.

  3. Also Mike the FDA is one of the only reasons we have GMO restrictions of barley and wheat. As a former grain supplier to a maltster I can tell you Mike you don’t want the FDA off the job. We left GMO wheat grain in water for a day and left it in the shade for weeks, and mold wont grow on it. Birds die when they eat it because they can’t digest it. You should be very afraid of food that doesn’t spoil. That is why they don’t want the TTB to go away because different levels of regulations keep business honest and open. It keeps you honest because one toxic grain can make your customer allergic to gluten for the rest of their life. Non Regulated foods should scare you. Everyone should ask themselves if their were no rules what would McDonald’s put in their food because no one really knows now, and a hamburger from MD’s looks the same for years!

  4. Ron Paul is against GMOs . He would just come up with a more constitutional way to deal with them. Believe me there has to be some regulation, but not in the form of the FDA which routinely lies to people and is in part run by these GMO and big drug companies. Look at the TTB though, they have faar too much power over the simplest things. And this isn’t even accounting for letting the states decide all of their own liquor laws, including age. Ron Paul never wrote any racists newsletters. He is involved with all kinds of people, most of the time much more reliable people than other politicians hang with, and I mean that by an unprecedented mile, and Libertarianism does allow people their rights so everyone with an unpopular opinion that gets drowned out by the media and government control is gonna support him. People take it too far when they automatically assume that just because he is a Libertarian everything will become segregated, how stupid do you have to be to believe that.

    I eat pretty much solely organic foods from farms I can trust so I don’t worry about what I eat.

  5. While I personally find the libertarian message appealing – albeit Utopian in many practical applications – the facts about Rep. Paul’s newsletters are disturbing.
    There are only two possibilities here: 1) Beneath the genial ‘country doctor’ facade, Ron Paul holds some disturbing and bigoted views that are wholly inappropriate for a presidential candidate; or, 2) Paul is a remarkably incompetent administrator in as much as he gave license to people with profoundly racist homophobic disturbing views to write on his behalf in a newsletter that bears his name.
    Whichever it is, it calls into serious question his suitability for president and commander-in-chief.
    The fact that the other candidates have been grilled over such things as revenue from fairly common mutual funds, yet in the debates Rep. Paul has gotten a free pass on income derived from racist-tinged newsletters, speaks to both a lack of professionalism on the part of the journalists in the Republican debates, and the likely sense that his quixotic quest for the White House is seen as great entertainment – but ultimately futile. Mike 7 out of 10 Organic grains tested positive for non Organic protein’s so you can claim to not worry. Paul supporters do not understand what policy’s Company farms and food service companies would practice in a libertarian Utopian America. Mike wake up just because a guy wants to legalize dope doesn’t mean you gloss over the devil in the details! Keep the TTB gust get religious fundamentalist’s out of the TTB and state Liquor boards.

  6. It was one set of newsletters that yes i believe lew rockwell produced on ron paul’s behalf. And that is one thing in a long political career. You are using one tiny thing to chastise this guy. If you want me to list the hundreds of thousands of loose ends regarding obama i could. i know that organic grains are tested as not organic. That is why i said i know specifically where they are coming from before I buy (food wise, i dont even consume much grain aside form beer it is rather unhealthy) Obama and any other of the globalists are VERY MUCH in favor of a “doomsday” crop that will wipe out all non gmo crops. This is something Libertarians are strongly against. Who is telling you that the libertarian idea is “utopian”? The media? Well that is a credible source.

    legalizing marijuana can make marijuana more regulated but at this point it is a totally different thing than beer. And if we look at the effects of marijuana it is much more of a medicinal supplement and pretty much only can ruin the life of an individual and not put any others in danger. We spend a shitload of money fighting futile drug wars, keeping people in prision, we have a need for a sector of our agricultural economy for hemp based products (while i don’t smoke I do consume plenty of hemp oil, grown in Canada). By what your saying I would think that you want another prohibition.

    I will just leave it at this, Ron Paul would help craft beer in general. Whether you want to get behind media lies or not, a fact is a fact.

  7. I have lived a half of a life raised kids and have many life experiences and I understand that a Libertarian Utopia can not exist in America. I also do not see that I have ever mentioned Obama in any post in ways of presidential support. Ron Paul is bad for this country that is a fact. His views on race and Civil Rites do exclude him from any office. Mike when you some years under your belt and have spent a greater part of your life concerned about another human other than yourself, you will come to the belief that Libertarian Ideals do not work in a global economy! Now on the newsletters they have his name on them and were printed at his direction no moron can claim that he had nothing to do with the toxic and abhorrent statements in them! He also had years to set the record straight and he chooses the it wasn’t me defense. We have had way too many years of people like Ron Paul. Mr paul has also stated many times that alcohol is very dangerous and his policies on removal of competition regulation in the market are juvenile at best. If BMC could choke out the smaller competition and get away with it they would.

    I see that facts don’t register with You, so get a script for medical marijuana because when Paul looses narcissistic individuals like most Libertarians can have a psychotic break! Their will be a day when Pot is not your top priority and you will open your eyes to the world around you. Spend some time helping others and it is the greatest high you will ever have!

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