Did you know? Brooklyn Brewery’s #2 market to NYC is…Sweden

Brooklyn Brewery logo(Brooklyn, NY) – Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, joined Beer Sessions Radio on Tuesday to talk about Japanese beers and the potential for an influx of beers from the region into the U.S.. Not unlike the movement of Italian beer in the states 4-5 years ago, says Oliver. A few interesting tidbits from the conversation (from Oliver)…

– Brooklyn Brewery is the top exporting brewery in the United States
– Started shipping beer to Japan and this was its first export market
– Top market outside of NYC is Sweden
– More than 10% of Brooklyn production (north of 14,000 barrels) is exported

Oliver is traveling to the UK and Berlin next week but didn’t specify what he was working on.


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3 thoughts on “Did you know? Brooklyn Brewery’s #2 market to NYC is…Sweden

  1. Dear Mr. Oliver, please “export” some of your beer to Arizona. While we have some great brewers like Four Peaks, a delicious Chocolate Stout like yours, as well as your brown, would have a perfect place on our beer shelves…and in my stomach as well.

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