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Feature coming on Lagunitas Brewing’s big expansion (video)



Shot on location in Petaluma, California at Lagunitas Brewing Company, as the team moves in what will be one of the largest computerized brewing systems on the west coast. Growing up is fun, but sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it hurts. The expansion of Lagunitas includes the acquisition of a whole new brewhouse that will almost triple the capacity of the brewery and allow them to fulfill an ever increasing demand for their sought-after brews. Moving the tanks from Germany to Petaluma, however, proves to be quite the challenge. Check out the trials and tribulations of moving ginormous steel vessels with big ol’ trucks and cranes in this first installment of the dramatic tale of Lagunitas and the Lauter Tun. Did I mention the trucks and cranes? Filmed with Canon & Go Pro (& iPhone) cameras as part of an upcoming feature about Lagunitas Brewing Co.

H/T to The Source Reno.

via Vimeo | Todo Productions.



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