Miller Lite Punch Top cans, NFL-branded grip cans coming in 2012

Miller Lite Punch Top can

(Denver, CO) – Following packaging innovations of recent years like the Miller Lite Vortex bottle neck and Coors Light Super Cold Activation, Molson Coors executives recently provided a glimpse of two innovations coming soon to Miller Lite cans.

Crain’s Business first reported on one of the packages back in October, “Among its packaging offerings is a ‘grip can’ or a ‘man can’ which has a raised ink design that can mimic the feel of a football.”

The company has already launched the new grip can in Mexico with branding featuring the first division Mexican soccer team, Chivas de Guadalajara. The label also has TTB approval for the U.S. market. This fall, the football “feel” will translate to the branding itself when cans begin featuring NFL team licensing.

Last week, the company gave a preview of the new Taste Flow (Punch Top) Can, “which increases airflow resulting in a smoother pour,” at SXSW. Here is a pic of the top of the can. Molson Coors’ President and CEO, Peter Swinburn, told investors, “This new can design is preferred 3 to 1 by key beer drinkers over the current Miller Lite can.”

Expect more details this week with MillerCoors’ distributor convention taking place.

Miller Lite Rebano

7 thoughts on “Miller Lite Punch Top cans, NFL-branded grip cans coming in 2012

  1. Oh thank God!!!! Hopefully they will solve the issues of getting beer out of cans.

  2. I can’t wait to see the NFL team cans. Go for it Miller -it’s a great idea. Oh and Swalden28 -craft beer in cans is the future. That’s why breweries all across this country are introducing cans to their line-up.

  3. When will they learn that no matter how “smooth” their beer pours out of their cans/bottles, it is still shitty flavorless corn water

  4. Thank you Mike, but I already know this…..I was being sarcastic in my post…Cheers

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