MillerCoors expanding Batch 19 distribution significantly in 2012

coors batch 19

(Denver, CO) – Molson Coors CEO, Peter Swinburn, revealed during the company’s latest conference call that it is expanding Coors Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Lager to new markets in 2012.

Having exceeded the company’s initial [sales goals] by 15%, MillerCoors will roll the brand out to additional markets beginning in April. Batch 19 will be available in over 40 markets by fall.

Swinburn said that Batch 19 is “creating a buzz among 25-35 year-old drinkers” and that “its limited availability in select high-profile locations is creating a feeling of authenticity and nostalgia for this brand.”

He also referred to Batch 19 growlers as a “throwback to the late 1800’s, are used in the on-premise to drive velocity and sharing amongst consumers.”

What is bringing Batch 19 so much success? Swinburn described the beer thusly, “[Batch 19] is a bold, hoppy lager deriving its taste from a rare combination of hops. It is the beer that got beer banned (referring to the beer’s pre-prohibition recipe roots). It’s got attitude that is as bold as its taste. All elements of the brand evoke nostalgia.”

Batch 19 is among several brands in Tenth and Blake Beer Company. Tenth and Blake is the craft and specialty division of MillerCoors.

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