Need hops? Have your local customers grow them for you

Colorado Native Lager(Golden, CO) – A rep for AC Golden Brewing sent over a note today on a community-based hop program that it is running. There are at least a couple craft breweries running similar programs and releasing “community”-themed beers.

On the heels of a very successful first year for volunteer hop growers, AC Golden Brewing Company is providing drinkers with another chance to grow hops for inclusion in its Colorado Native Lager. Those who sign up will receive two Chinook rhizomes from AC Golden, along with planting, growing and harvesting information. Any harvested hops can be dropped off at Colorado Native Hop Drop parties around the state in the fall. The Chinooks will then be added to a Colorado Native brew.

In 2011, more than 500 consumers volunteered to grow hops for Colorado Native with over 125 achieving harvests. More than 60 pounds of volunteer hops were harvested and included in a brew.

To sign up, just ‘like’ Colorado Native Lager on its Facebook page (Colorado Native Lager — the page with the logo as the visual). Then click on the Hop Growers Submission Tab posted on the left and fill it out. On April 10, Chinook hop rhizomes will be mailed out to volunteers, along with planting and growing instructions. Since Colorado Native uses only Colorado ingredients, only hops grown in Colorado can be added to the brew.

AC Golden Brewing Company, located in Golden, Colo., specializes in hand-crafted brews, including: Colorado Native Lager, an amber lager with 100 percent Colorado ingredients; Herman Joseph’s Private Reserve, a German-style lager; and Barmen, a pilsner.

4 thoughts on “Need hops? Have your local customers grow them for you

  1. This is an awesome idea. Contributors should be put in some sort of special members only release group for the brewery.

  2. It is a great idea. But why doesn’t Coors just buy hops instead of finding a back-door community program to help them? I would be curious as to whom the “volenteers” were. After being involved in the CO beer community for more that 8 years, this is the first that I have heard of this. Coors employees growing hops and being called Volunteers?

  3. @jellomisfit
    The volunteers are people like me. I grow my own hops for home brewing so I signed up. I planted the two rhysomes yesterday. I’ll send some of the harvest in to get my hop grower patch and keep the rest for my own beers. Hops are so easy to grow that anyone can be a part of the process.

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