Why Sierra Nevada Bigfoot is moving to four-packs

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2012

(Chico, CA) – One of the key pieces of info in last week’s Sierra Nevada Brewing 2012 update was the revelation that the brewery plans to move Bigfoot Barleywine to 4-packs going forward. Sparked by questions raised by The Herald-Tribune, Sierra Nevada Product Development Manager, Bill Manley, explained why the company is making the move.

I just wanted to pop on here and explain the rationale of why we are making the move. Bigfoot for years has been under priced, as in, for years we have been making zero, or very close to zero dollars on that beer because as commodities (barley/hops/gas) have gone up in price, we’ve kept the price of Bigfoot the same.

This year, (2012) sadly, we were forced to increase the price. Believe me, we don’t enjoy it either. Doing the math, another price increase was set for next year, and probably the year after too. We have been trying to come up with a way to balance out the costs of these higher gravity products…The option we found the least offensive was to drop the 6 packs into four packs and lower the price-per-carton. Additionally, we will brew MORE Bigfoot to keep up with the ever increasing demand, and make it more available for a longer period of time.

Sierra Nevada has always had a reputation for fair pricing. Our entire lineup of year-round products and seasonal selections are very competitive in the market and that has been something we are very proud of. The higher ABV (ingredients) and higher costs required to make some of these beers truly dictates what our end pricing will be.

We hope you understand our rationale, and we hope you will continue to search for Bigfoot in the coming years.

16 thoughts on “Why Sierra Nevada Bigfoot is moving to four-packs

  1. I’m almost surprised this hasn’t happened earlier as their 4 packs of Hoptimum were the same price as Bigfoot 6 packs this year around me.

  2. For years this has been probably the best “bang for your buck” beer with wide distribution (Translation: they make enough of this you don’t have to stalk the beer truck). With everything going up it may still be true next year, I just may have to buy 2.

  3. A business that wants to price things fairly? Hallelujah! This makes me like SN even more and is another good reason to pick up one of their cases to take to a gathering. Cheers!

  4. I’m surprised they’ve kept it so affordable for so long. Makes sense. Thankfully I managed to find it for just $9.99 the other day (but $12.99 at another location). But yeah, Sierra Nevada always has some of the lowest prices on crafts, and their quality is always very high, making them my favorite brewery.

  5. nothing but love and respect for Sierra Nevada, hopefully the 4pk will intice some new customers to join the fun as well =)

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  7. I’ve worked at a great brewery for 10+ years now and I get excited every year for the release of Celebration Ale, Bigfoot, Summerfest and now Ruthless Rye. You guys make some of the best beer in the world and the price is more than fair. Keep it up forever please.

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  9. I don’t buy this excuse! It is all marketing. If things were so bad over at SN then how are they expanding to the east coast. BS! I cant believe all the Butt Kissers that have posted here. SHEEP! You should be outraged!

  10. I was outraged when they took the emblem off the cap for the fresh seal maketing gimmick. they put it back and now they need to go all out and fix the top and put expedition back on the top. Now there is this 4 pk thing. Adam Rastafa Rye Ale kinda seems to me to be a close match to it.

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  12. I am off buying all 4 packs for all companies … It is bad trend and even though i love bigfoot i ask whats next? Pale ale?

  13. I understand what they did. Why give away free beer of that quality. Snbc is the best craft beer you can get on the market and for that price, thank you.

  14. Just tried this for the first time. I loved it. Starts of a little sweet and has a perfect hoppy finish without really heavy bitterness. Perfect…for me. Four or six pack, I could and will get used to drinking this regularly.

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