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Alabama Beverage Commission reconsidering Founders “Bastards” ban

There is an Associated Press report floating around today that appears to be weeks behind. Here’s a more timely update:

Some of you may remember the statement about a month ago referencing the fact that the ABC was not approving Founders Backwoods Bastard or Dirty Bastard labels for sale in Alabama. Free the Hops received word earlier this afternoon from Birmingham Beverage Company that the “ABC has reconsidered and has sent a letter to Founders requesting they resubmit for the ‘bastard’ series label approval”.

via Free The Hops.



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2 thoughts on “Alabama Beverage Commission reconsidering Founders “Bastards” ban

  1. I assume their objections were to some image on the label rather than the word “bastard” since you can buy “Fat Bastard” wine in any grocery store. Does anyone know what the labels looked like? Can you post an image?

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