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Beer author goes off on Churchkey Can Company

Lots of contention in the beer world over the past 24-48 hours…

Church-frikkin’-key Frikkin’-Can Company. Oy! It’s not enough that we have stores selling ugly-ass 1970′s furniture, now we must endure retro-obsessed hipsters who think that the ultimate in cool is an old-fashioned “flat top” beer can! (BTW, “flat-top” is an invented term. When these things were actually the norm, they were simply known as “beer cans.”) Why it’s cool they don’t know, but the company has something to do with that dude from Entourage […]

via Blogging at World of Beer.


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5 thoughts on “Beer author goes off on Churchkey Can Company

  1. Beaumont: “BTW, “flat-top” is an invented term.”

    The breweriana hobby has been using the term “flat top” for the cans that required an opener since the early 1970’s. Sure, “invented” (aren’t all terms?) but it’s been around for 40 years.

  2. The one thing that pouring beer from a can and women have in common : two holes are better than one.

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