Beer City USA poll kicks off on Tuesday

Online voting starts Tuesday for the national Beer City USA Poll, and three-time winner Asheville — one tie and two solo wins — has to be considered a strong candidate for a fourth consecutive victory.

This would be a solid traffic generator for Always wondered why Charlie Papazian ran it on instead.

via The Asheville Citizen-Times.


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5 thoughts on “Beer City USA poll kicks off on Tuesday

  1. Yawn……… Maybe Asheville will realizes that Portland people don’t vote in this poll anymore, thus their back to back wins.

  2. ….thats because the people of Portland know who the definitive winner will be!

  3. They win because nobody else votes. Nobody else votes, because it’s a ridiculous poll. It’s a ridiculous poll because the title goes to a small city that only wins because of strong local support, not because it’s the most deserving.

    It’s the equivalent to a self-proclamation that you’re the best, a title that only you voted for and a title that no one else agrees with.

    If a logical city like San Diego, Portland or Denver won, this poll would carry more merit.

  4. Every city in the U.S. has a beer week claiming to be the best beer drinking city. This poll is dumb.

  5. I would say that anonymous, Bryan, and Chris are sore, bitter, losers from Portland or some other city that just a couple of years ago were voting on every computer they came in contact with including the one at the check out counter at their local grocery store where they undoubtedly bought tissues to sop up the tears that resulted of not being able to compete with Asheville. Now since they’ve come to the realization that they have no chance, they are of course too cool for school. I guess they probably have some lame retort for why Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, and Oscar Blues are locating themselves in the Asheville area amidst the numerous award winning local breweries. Whatever helps you sleep at night boys. Don’t worry though, I hear Bartles & James is running a poll for Wine Cooler City USA, if Key West doesn’t take it you may have a fighting chance.

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