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Bell’s Brewery’s future up in the air, could be sold

As early as fall, the decision to sell the nation’s 13th largest brewery could be made depending on the outcome of ongoing negotiations with several minority shareholders, company president Larry Bell said. […] About $22 million has been spent on the brewhouse and renovating the Eccentric Cafe in downtown Kalamazoo, but the rest of the project is on hold as the company tries to save money in an attempt to buy out 11 of the 14 shareholders, Bell said.

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One thought on “Bell’s Brewery’s future up in the air, could be sold

  1. My hometown brewery. I love Larry’s beer but success has gone to his head. He didn’t have two cents to rub together and needed these guys to start his business. If he didn’t turn into a complete… He could work things out. He just has a God complex now. Don’t feel sorry for poor cancer survivor Larry. He’s pulling at people’s heart strings because he has become ruthless.

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