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6 thoughts on “Introducing the KegDroid: an Android-powered kegerator (video)

  1. One year for Christmas I bought my brother as a gag gift “automatic salt and pepper shakers.” You pulled a zip cord as you overturned the shakers, and it vibrated back and forth, shaking your salt and pepper out so, I guess, you didn’t sprain your dainty wrist doing it yourself.

    This appears to be about as useful. Actually, less so, if its one job is to pour beer and it sucks at pouring beer. My reaction to this would be, “Get all this crap out of my way, I want to pour myself a beer!”

  2. It might seem useless for home use, but the potential for bars and pubs is incredible. Buy a prepaid card, walk up to the beer kiosk, swipe your card, make your choices and pour your beer. Repeat as needed. No need to elbow for room at the bar or wait for your server. Still, limited use, but only the most popular (i.e. – best sellers) would be vended from this.

  3. great concept but it’s i highly doubt you’ll ever get a good beer from it… irregardless of temperature. when he pulled the faucet handle to pour a beer, you saw and heard a bunch of air come out of the faucet spout.. that indicates empty beer line with leftover beer residue. when you pour beer from a tap for the first time, or in this case after some the line has been vacant and left with air and foam, the incoming beer will hit those things and will cause turbulence.. which leads to foam. if you look at when he hits pour on the tablet, he gets a ton of foam before he gets any clear beer.. that’s because it took all of that foam before the beer line was rid of turbulence in order for the beer to pour properly without any interference. that’s going to have to be one of the issues that this inventor will have to figure out.. and since he’s a homebrewer, im sure he’ll figure out how to rig a beerfob to solve this issue, being that a beerfob keeps your line filled with beer at all times and doesn’t allow any air to get in, but also regulates any beer from exiting the faucet. this invention has good potential.

  4. Why do people spend their time making things more difficult than they need to be? Terrible pour.

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