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Leinenkugel’s Snowdrift Vanilla Porter replacing Fireside Nut Brown

Leinenkugel’s will debut a new beer this fall in bottle, draft, and cans. This new release comes after discontinuing Fireside Nut Brown. […] Snowdrift is set to be brewed around Labor Day, ready to ship around Halloween.

via Beer Street Journal.


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43 thoughts on “Leinenkugel’s Snowdrift Vanilla Porter replacing Fireside Nut Brown

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  2. Soooooooooooooooooooooo sad!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting all summer for your fireside nut brown. Very disappointed!. . .Totally bummed!…. And a little angry.

    >: {

  3. Ditto! I have too been waiting all season for fireside nut brown and very bummer!! Bring it back!!!!

  4. Noooo, this is terrible news! Fireside was a beer I looked forward for winter! Why would you discontinue it?!

  5. We are very disappointed that you are discontinuing Fireside Nut Brown. We used to buy up a big stash of it when it was coming to the end of the season.
    Not Happy!!!

  6. Snowdrift Vanilla Porter is great but please bring back Fireside Nut Brown, my all time favorite

  7. I WILL STOP DRINKING LEINES UNTIL FIRESIDE IS BACK….I tried the Snowdrift and it is nothing more than average…. embarrassing decision.

  8. SOOOOOOO disappointed!! This was my first love!! I have tried the Snowdrift and am extremely disappointed with it. Bring back Fireside!!! Was the highlight of my holiday season!!!

  9. The Snowdrift is good but, it has nothing on fireside. Please bring back fireside!! My holidays wont be the same without it!

  10. Was just talking today, about my excitement for Fireside!! Came to the site to read it’s discontinued.
    Really, really disappointed! It was my winter love!!

  11. Same thing here as I was just telling my wife we should try to find fnb bc it was time and we like so many other stock piled it. Haven’t seem the snow day beer yet but these reviews are not very encouraging.

  12. NOOOOOOO!!!! What were you thinking? I have a bevy of friends eagerly awaiting your FNB upon my recommendation and now I find its been discontinued? Time to find some new friends and a new brewery.

  13. Bring back Fireside Nut Brown. Snowdrift is awful. A vanilla porter??…really?? Don’t care for it or the new shandy!

  14. waited all year for it!!! sooooooo bummed! please please bring it back. bought all we could get last year and wanted more. vanilla porter???? porter should taste like coffee not vanilla! bring back FSNB!!! all my friends agree.

  15. Wow!!! Fireside Nut Brown was the best leinenkugel beer!!! Disappointed!!! Bring back Fireside please.

  16. Ridiculous.. Tried the Snowdrift Vanilla Port and was not impressed, like most post above about the new port it is another average beer that any home brewer could make. The Fireside Nut Brown was an all time great to me and loved as a favourite next to hofbrau Hefe Wiezen. It is a damn shame this wonderful seasonal beer is being discontinued. I would expect a loss in the following of leinekugels due to the discontinuation of what I at least considered their best beer. Bollox…

  17. VERY upset. I have waited all summer for FNB and to find it has been discontinued? What are you guys thinking? It is the best Leinie I have tasted and now I am so sad to hear it has been discontinued. Someone in marketing is off the mark. I am very disheartened. It made this season so special. Bring it back!

  18. I too am a HUGE Fireside Nut Brown fan. I have been waiting and wondering where it was. Finally googled it tonight. I am a Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant and it made the best beer bread. I bought 2 cases before it was gone just for this reason and banned my husband from drinking any of it. I do hope you will bring it back very soon!! It definitely helped me endure my least favorite time of year!!

  19. I had FNB for the first time last year. I got the last pour for the season. Was patiently awaiting its return. And now this. I tried the vanilla porter. It’s OK but I was in love with FNB. I hope they bring it back!

  20. I am not abeer drinker. That being said, the only beer I have ever truly enjoyed was the Fireside Nut Brown!! Hoping they will reconsider and bring the FNB back…not toreplace another beer , but as a regular, albeit seasonal, tradition!

  21. Agree with most comments above. I was waiting for the FNB but had not realized that it was replaced. Not a fan of the too sweet vanilla porter. Bring back the Fireside Nut Brown…..

  22. Are you kidding me? Please bring it back. F.N.B was an awesome beer. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  23. Also disappointed. My local grocer had fsnb on sale at the end of the season. I bought all 20 cases they had. Please bring it back.

  24. Can’t believe it was discontinued, my fiance’s favorite beer. I was going to get him a few growlers of it 🙁 He will be devastated.

  25. everytime I receive an update from the “Leine Lodge”, I simply reply with BRING BACK FIRESIDE NUT BROWN. It’s obvious from these posts that the overwhelming majority want it back and favor it over the Snowdrift. There’s no comparison. FNB is heads and shoulders above Snowdrift. Maybe if enough of us complain, Lenie will cave.

  26. My vote it to exile the guy responsible for discontinuing Fireside Nut Brown. Or at least tar & feather him. Please bring it back. Thanks

  27. Please bring back fireside nut brown, the snowdrift is decent but doesn’t compare with the prominent flavors of fireside. This was one of my top three favorite beers and its discontinued, its like you took my bday away. If you feel the need to never bring it back, at least email me the recipe so I may brew it myself. I still love your beers! Cheers!

  28. Snowdrift is just awful. It’s the first beer I’ve ever poured down the drain. Simply undrinkable garbage. Bring back Fireside, a real beer.

  29. Snowdrift is okay but fireside was amazing I waited all summer just like all of you guys, destroyed, dismayed, I abhor this decision. How dare you sir, how dare you

  30. FNB is my favorite beer of all time. When can I have another? I haven’t bought Leini since.

  31. That doesn’t suck… it fucking sucks. Fnb. Was my absolute favorite n waited all year. Note ur saying it is discontinued? fuck my life. Thanx

  32. Really disappointed that a good tasting beer(even better when it warms up) that’s full of flavors would be discontinued. What a bunch of schmucks! 🙁

  33. Fireside was my favorite beer ever. This Vanilla Porter doesn’t cut it. There’s vanilla in it. Can you make small batches…charge me twice as much. I’ll bite.

  34. Been waiting & waiting for the return of FSNB. One of my all-time favorites. It made me a Leinenkugel’s fan. PLEASE consider bringing it back this fall. All the fruity shandies are fine for summer – but give me the nutty, full flavor by the fire!

  35. Agree with most all of the above. Clearly a mistake was made to discontinue. I simply thought it went on hiatus and figured it was about the time they dust it off and bring it back. Discontinued? We all make mistakes; simply right that wrong and get FNB back into the rotation…

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