MillerCoors rolling out more flavored malt beverages

coco breve mango citrus

MillerCoors has received label for at least four new products over the past two months: Miller Chill Lemon, Redd’s Apple Ale (not an FMB), Coco Brevè Mango Citrus and Coco Brevè Kiwi Lime.

Ad Age reports:

Still, the brewer has several new products in the pipeline, including "Coco Breve," flavored coconut water with 4.2% alcohol by volume (about what’s in a light beer), which the brewer describes as "sparkling" and "subtly sweet," according to labels filed with the federal government. Mr. Coors said MillerCoors also plans to bring to the U.S. a cider-like brand called Redd’s Apple Ale, which is owned by SABMiller and sold overseas. (SABMiller owns MillerCoors along with Molson Coors.)

Each will be produced at MillerCoors’ plant in Albany, Georgia, though the Miller Chill Lemon label indicates that it will be produced in Milwaukee. As of last year, Miller Chill Lemon was only available in Canada which is a testing ground of sorts for these product launches before hitting the States.

Large beermakers are introducing more alternatives to traditional malt beverages to appeal to consumers considering to trade up to wine and spirits.

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  2. I have to admit, if only to myself. This actually has a very crisp taste and there is a hint of apple to it. Still the malt is very obvious no question of that. I like it, but it’s flavor is smoother still when served ICE cold. I am not a strong Ale fan, but I am rather fond of this drink.

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