NPR: Flying Dog beers available in at least 20 countries

Flying Dog Brewery logo(Frederick, MD) – Despite pulling distribution from over a dozen states in the U.S. last year, NPR reports that Flying Dog Brewery is still distributed in nearly 20 countries across Europe.

Flying Dog CEO Jim Caruso says that increasingly, people all over the world are trying the beer from the Maryland-based brewery. "We ship to Amsterdam; from there it goes to 19 countries," Caruso says. "The top countries for us are England, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands."

Selling beer overseas can be a strategy for breweries in establishing proof of commercial use for trademark purposes (as a prevention measure against foreign-based companies copying U.S. brands and using them).

Caruso told the Seattle Times last summer that he hopes to sell 70% of the beer Flying Dog in the local Mid-Atlantic coastal region within the next couple years. Flying Dog production was up over 30% in 2011.


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