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Sam Calagione on Brewmasters and “big advertisers”


The Delaware Journal had a lengthy Sunday piece on Dogfish Head founder, Sam Calagione, ahead of the James Beard Awards in which Calagione is once again a finalist. Not a lot of meat here though it’s interesting to see the Brewmasters ‘scandal’ come up again…

The Discovery Channel program didn’t last a full season and the chatter, mostly from Bourdain, was that it was abruptly cancelled because large beer corporations, unhappy that the network was showcasing an independent craft brewer, threatened to pull advertising.

Calagione won’t talk about it. “We were really proud of the show,” he says. “We learned a lot about how big networks work and how big advertisers work. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

via The News Journal.


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One thought on “Sam Calagione on Brewmasters and “big advertisers”

  1. True, I am in marketing and advertising. When big advertisers get butthurt over a competitor getting editorial or additional time, they threaten to pull. But guess what? They won’t! It’s the big scary dog syndrome. All bark no bite. Do you think Budweiser will pull their ads from Superbowl Sunday because Coors also ran? NOT!

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