Samuel Adams Utopias 10th Anniversary decanters coming this fall

utopias bourbon barrel

Utopias aging in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels via {a href=""}anotherpintplease on Flickr{/a}

UPDATE: retracted that this is definitely a new edition though the blend changes anyway from one edition to the next.

(Boston, MA) – Boston Beer Company plans to celebrate Utopias’ 10th anniversary in 2012 with the aptly-named Samuel Adams Utopias 10th Anniversary.

Whereas the standard edition of Utopias is described as a blend of liquids aged in “a variety of wood casks for up to 18 years,” the label approval that went through late last week for the special edition specifically calls outs that this edition is being aged in bourbon barrels. That said, the description on Boston Beer’s site says that bourbon barrels were used in the 2009 blend so it isn’t yet clear whether this is a “new” version.

Like the original, the special edition will be sold in 24 oz. decanters designed by Ceramarte of Brazil. The decanters are slated to hit the market in the fall with timing, as of earlier this year, set for September shipment. The TTB also approved applications for 7 oz. sample containers, likely to go to select individuals and media members. As with other Samuel Adams specialty releases, you can expect to find these decanters in locations that specialize in better beer.

More background on Utopias per an old press release: “In 2002, the first batch of Samuel Adams Utopias was introduced, with an incredible alcohol by volume of 24 percent. Samuel Adams Utopias was brewed again in 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2009, when Koch continued to push for more complexity and strength, producing astonishing brews with alcohol levels reaching 27 percent alcohol by volume.”

At 27% ABV, it is the strongest beer produced by a U.S. brewery.

7 thoughts on “Samuel Adams Utopias 10th Anniversary decanters coming this fall

  1. Adam, thanks for using my picture and link…I thought that shot looked familiar! I can dare say too, after getting my first taste of Utopias earlier this year, I think I’m definitely going to same up some coin for my own bottle. It was pretty amazing.

  2. I’m just curious, in your experience how hard is this beer to get at retail? I have a couple of really good beer stores in my area that carry most of what I want to find. Do you think that this is as hard to find as something like Kentucky Breakfast Stout? Thanks a lot.

  3. Utopias? You can find them when they’re first released but they don’t last long. Not sure what this next release will be like in terms of availability…

    Probably a little easier to find because if you find the right store, the decanter will sit there for a while. You can actually maybe find a few for sale in Google Shopping.

  4. Thanks for replying Adam! Do you have any idea how much Utopia usually costs? Is it in the hundreds?

  5. Yes I bought mine two years ago for a little over 300$ in mass. That was after shopping around the few stores that had it. I have seen it for up to 500$ and depending on the area it can be hard or impossible to find. But it is totally worth it!!

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