Tyranena temporarily suspended by TTB, Fargo Brothers pushed to June

tyranena brewing logo(Lake Mills, WI) – Tyranena Brewing sent out an interesting newsletter this afternoon with some TTB caveats for fellow brewers out there. More below…

Tyranena Brewing Company Ordered To Stop Production By The TTB (well, kind of)

Stacey had the fun of dealing with this one… and, in part, causing it. Apparently, she received an email on Wednesday from the TTB (Tax and Trade Bureau) stating that we did not have a valid Brewers Bond and needed to stop production. A Brewers Bond is a sort of promise from an insurance company ensuring that the surety will pay the federal government our excise taxes up to the level of the bond amount in the event that we fail to do so. The federal government requires that we have an updated bond every three or four years. Stacey decided to handle the bond renewal on her own… for which I am grateful… but, unfortunately, started wrong from the outset.

The bond level needed to be increased (the value of the bond needs to be set to cover approximately two excise tax periods… and since we have grown we needed a higher bond amount), which ultimately caused new paperwork to be issued. Then, we needed to indicate whether it was an original bond or a superseding bond… Stacey marked it as original (as it was the first time this insurance company issued one for us) but was informed by the TTB that it needed to be marked as superseding (the TTB was nice enough to make these two changes for us but had to send us a form to sign indicating authorizing the changes).

Lastly, and what led to our “suspension”, was that the inurance agent, acting on behalf of the surety, signed her married name… unfortunately, her maiden name was still listed on the physical bond authorizing her to sign it… which meant the TTB deemed the bond invalid. The agent was supposed to send another form to the TTB, to update this Power of Attorney and address her name change, but apparently forgot. I believe Stacey has now taken care of all of this… well, at least the TTB has not chained the doors shut. I think she is starting to appreciate the joys of my life for the last decade or so…

Looks Like Summer May Be Delayed

We declare summer around here pretty often: when Scurvy IPA comes out, for Memorial Day weekend when we move music outdoors (and add an additional performance) and also bust out the Beer Garden umbrellas, once we are open seven days a week… and when we start pouring Fargo Brothers Hefeweizen. Unfortunately, it looks like the introduction of Fargo Brothers is going to have to be pushed back from mid-May until probably mid-June. We have the capacity and time to brew it… we just happen to have a keg shortage at the moment. And the lead time for brand new kegs is approximately 3 months (even though we ordered new kegs back in March) so at this time it looks like a June debut.


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