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Victory Brewing puts different spin on ‘single hop’ concept

You’ve heard of brewers comparing single hops beers to showcase the different flavors that different hops impart. Now how about showcasing the same hop but grown in different regions? That’s what Victory just did…

But it was not just any beer event. It did not feature a whole lineup of beer. In fact, it featured only one beer, Victory’s Braumeister Pils; but, this one beer was hopped five different ways to showcase the nuanced differences and, in effect, make six different beers. […] Five batches were sourced with Tettnanger hops from the small Tettnang region of southern Germany, near Lake Constance and not far from Switzerland: one batch from Reitplatz, one from Dietmannsweiler, two from Missenhardt, and one from Strass. A sixth, a blend of all five, created the "Braumeister Blend" version.

via Washington Times.



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