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Anheuser-Busch brewmaster: “consumers are sick and tired of branding without the story”


A message to Anheuser-Busch CMO, Paul Chibe?

While ads for Budweiser and Bud Light rely on humor, sexy models and football-playing horses, don’t expect a similar approach when this brewing giant peddles its craftier brews. “Consumers want romance,” insisted George Reisch, Anheuser-Busch’s brewmaster. “They are sick and tired of branding without the story.”

via KGTV San Diego.



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8 thoughts on “Anheuser-Busch brewmaster: “consumers are sick and tired of branding without the story”

  1. I don’t think consumers are looking for “stories” as much as they’re just looking for good quality product they can enjoy thoroughly. No need to over-analyze it. Good beer is good beer.

  2. So is that admitting their less crafty beers need the bombast, humor and gimmicks in order to sell?

  3. On one hand it’s hard to knock a company who sells so much beer, but god, to think they can swoop in sell their craftier slop with a story, and then voila, they unlock the door to Craft? Err, no. They should stick to what they know…selling shit beer to people who don’t care about beer.

  4. Actually, if they get a good beer, they probably will be able to sell it. Or hadn’t you noticed Blue Moon passing 2 million barrels a year? They need a better beer, and if they get it, they’ll sell it. Because…you know, it’s not just “us” who are buying better beer.

    George Reisch always seemed to be the smartest beer guy in the room at A-B; certainly he’s the smartest one who’s still there.

  5. I don’t want a story I want better beer. Save the marketing expense of inventing some type of story (people will see through it anyway) and put that expense into the beer’s ingredients.

  6. I met George Reisch once at a beer dinner, the man does know his stuff, impressive individual and his knowledge certainly does expand way beyond pale lagers. Trust me, that man is more then capable of producing some of the best brews around……I was actually shocked that this guy is under the A-B umbrella, but one would expect A-B to have one of the best brewers around.

  7. I don’t doubt his knowledge of brewing in the least… I doubt his accounting/financial bosses will actually listen however. As Lew has stated about A-B before, “They are not brewers: they are bankers, and they grow their “breweries” by buying other “breweries,” which are just counters, money, and markets to them. It’s about money and balance sheets, slashing costs and raising prices.”

  8. Dave, that is the problem, isn’t it, lol… money money money…..oh, and MORE money!

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