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Brewers have safety concerns in wake of plastic keg explosion

The worker died of injuries sustained on Tuesday morning, April 24, when a plastic keg he was cleaning exploded, striking him in the chest and head, according to officials from the Portsmouth Fire Department. In the wake of the blast, several brewers around New Hampshire were perplexed by the accident, which stands out as one of the only instances of a work-related keg explosion that most beer industry veterans can recall.

via Fosters.



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3 thoughts on “Brewers have safety concerns in wake of plastic keg explosion

  1. I’ve been following this for the past couple weeks and still can’t figure out why Redhook was filling/cleaning a keg that didn’t belong to them. Any insight as to why? I feel like there could be a huge OSHA liability issue there if they’re working with property that they don’t own. Also, I wonder if ABI will dip their fingers into this mess sometime soon.

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