Calfkiller Brewing goes off on Anheuser-Busch in Facebook tirade

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(Sparta, TN) – Calfkiller Brewing posted this lengthy message on Facebook this afternoon. The company says that it purchased used kegs a while back and now a local competing distributor (which based on the reference to Charles Hand appears to be one of these: Budweiser of Clarksville, Cookeville or Chattanooga) is taking the kegs from accounts because they allege they were stolen. Calfkiller is distributed by Bounty Beverage. No representatives from any of three distributors were immediately available for comment.

Here is the post in full.

Grab your Kool aid kids and take a seat. Here’s the story of Calfkiller Brewing Company, and Budweiser of TN.

Once upon a time there was this little guy (Calfkiller Brewing Company). A very honest hard working little guy with a dream to make great beer that folks could enjoy. After many years of hard work this dream became reality. Slowly but surely the little guy was rubbing shoulders with the big guys in the market place. All was well…….or so they thought.

See being the little guy you start small if your smart. You buy used equipment, and or convert things to serve a purpose you need. You recycle and do the best you can with what you have to work with. Used equipment for beer making is everywhere! Everything from full brewery systems to the kegs for transporting the beer. KEGS!! Did someone say kegs??? Ahh yes, this takes us back to point of the story.

Over the years the little guy has purchased used kegs from all across the country. A few examples would be unclaimed freight auctions, breweries that have closed, or keg companies that sell new, used, and refurbished kegs. Anyone can purchase these, and Calfkiller has done it as well. Everything from website sales to store fronts in public with huge signs by the road for everyone to see. LEGIT businesses! So Calfkiller has been using kegs like these from day one.

Smooth sailing and all has seemed well…..until about a month ago! That’s when the “Budweiser keg police” began trying to strong arm the little guy. Now no one is sure really why. Maybe they simply want the entire market. Maybe they simply don’t like the little guys. Maybe they got their first quarter reports for 2012, and noticed the little guy had taken a piece of their pie. The only thing the little guy knows for sure is the truth isn’t in them so it does no good to ask questions at Budweiser in TN.

So the big monopoly Budweiser has started walking in to accounts, and simply taking the little guys kegs! FLIRTING WITH SLANDER they have told business owners that Calfkiller had stole the kegs. WRONG WAY TO PLAY BALL BUDWEISER!!

Calfkiller is pissed, and is sharing their side of the story. THE TRUTH of the story to the public. The little guy tried to be civil about the matter. They contacted distribution to try and resolve the issue, but were lied to, ignored, and simply not dealt with. Budweiser has said they have never sold a keg. Really??? How can they be purchased from places by the truck load then??? They also informed Calfkiller that it had come down from corporate, and was out of the local distributions hands. Although Calfkiller found it flattering that the big dogs even knew who they were they also found it highly unlikely that the beer giant cared that Calfkiller had a few 20 year old kegs of theirs.

After researching, and talking with St. Louis, St. Louis said “we know nothing about this.” Calfkiller figured as much. Plus after 5 phone calls not returned it was pretty obvious it was on the local scale, and the So Called “King of Beers” had little if anything to do with it. Speaking of stealing… “King of Beers” they stole that from a German beer company many many moons ago. They have always been bully’s [sic]. Look at their 2012 business strategies. They can be found online.

Everything from threatening 500 wholesalers, to telling local distribution what they can, and can not deliver on their trucks. OH, and American beer??? lol Check the chart showing who’s in charge of anything Budweiser in America… very interesting, and comical. So the moral of this story kids is “morals” Calfkiller has a great standard of them. Now Budweiser may wrongly take what they can from the little guy, but they will not take the Name of Calfkiller Brewing Company, and run it through the ringer without a fight. Calfkiller has done no wrong to anyone. Calfkiller HAS lost all respect for Budweiser of TN, and the Hand company.

Plain, and simple folks the truth has been here by told, and now you know……the rest of the story.


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17 thoughts on “Calfkiller Brewing goes off on Anheuser-Busch in Facebook tirade

  1. If a keg is stamped anhueser-busch,miller coors,micro-star,redhook or any other brewery. I dont care where you buy them it still belongs to the brewery.

  2. So Johnny….I recently purchased several used kegs directly from a brewery. They are stamped with the brewery’s name all along the collar. By your statement you are telling us all that these kegs, though purchased directly from the brewery, at their facility, by check made out to them, from an employee, that they still own these kegs and have ever right to steal them from any account that may be carrying my beer at that time? Seriously? Large brewers sell off “old” kegs all the time that still have plenty of life in them, but aren’t “good enough” for their uses anymore. Or they may be changing over to a new supplier and need to dispense of the old kegs (as it is in my case). You can’t make such a blanket statement like that if you don’t know the facts. Go check out right now and I bet you’ll see several posts of breweries selling off kegs. We’re not going to your local liquor store, buying full kegs and paying a deposit (which doesn’t come anywhere near paying to replace a keg) and keeping them. We’re buying from legit sources, and buying products the original owner no longer wants.

    Regardless of this being the local distributor or HQ for InBev this is just sad and proves even more they’ve lost touch, have no clue, and are running scared. I really hope Calfkiller continues this fight and InBev continues to look like a bunch of fools.

  3. Johnny, using your “logic”… Chevrolet should be able to waltz into my driveway, start my car and drive off with it. Please get a grip on reality before posting any further responses.

  4. Calfkiller is one of the smallest brewers in Tennessee. The Sergio Brothers have carved out a good following around Nashville and recently in Knoxville. They also have the best beer name ever: Calfkiller Sergio’s Ole Evil Ass Devil Bullshit Ale. They make good beer and are approachable guys – have always promptly answered my emails. I do hope they keep up the fight and stand their ground. Tennessee is lucky to have these Wisconsin brothers down here brewing.

  5. John that just simply isn’t true. Breweries all over the country package their stuff in kegs stamped from other breweries. It is a normal practice.

  6. Johnny is technically correct…a brewery that is selling off old kegs should be punching out their name on the collar if the kegs are still in usable condition. If the name of the brewery isn’t being punched out, the sale of the keg is most likely conditional that the keg is not to be commercially used.

    The other thing is the only person who can sell those kegs are the breweries…not a freight auction, website or any other source. Just because its in someone else’s possession, doesn’t mean they have the authority or right to sell it.

    Its unfortunate this is happening to a small brewer but i guarantee in the eyes of the law, if AB is stamped on the keg, they have the legal right to it unless some other documentation can be shown the transfer of ownership.

  7. Im wondering if they are doing anything unique to the kegs….a lot of breweries just start painting all over them to “Tag” the keg as theirs so the distributors do not accidentally pic them up…..I see this frequently. The drivers are pretty cautious about which kegs they pic up, they seem to get into trouble if they grab the wrong ones.

  8. Believe me, I hate the evil empire as much as the next guy, but to be truthful, it wasn’t “King of Beers” that the Czech brewery was referred to as, but the “Beer of Kings”. Not the same thing as stealing.

  9. Cafekiller paints all of their kegs for easy recognition.

    I took a tour of their brewery the same day they posted this to FB. They’re awesome people who believe in honest beer production. It’s a shame they’re being bullied like this.

  10. Sue the individuals who took the kegs. If they did not act with authority from corporate, they are hanging in the wind.

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