Central Waters Brewing issues voluntary recall for Peruvian Morning bottles


(Amherst, WI) – Central Waters Brewing issued a notice this week that its Peruvian Morning Bourbon Barrel-aged Stout has developed an off-flavor of some kind and is issuing a “voluntary recall.” What is unclear is whether this is a voluntary recall by definition. It appears to be an informal offer to fans to exchange the beer but what impact this has on retailers and wholesalers with the beer isn’t mentioned in the news release.

More interestingly, the comments from the Facebook status update illustrate once again that the best thing a company can do in the social media age is make a mistake and apologize for it, regardless of intent.

To Our Valued Fans:

After much scrutiny and tastings, we are announcing a voluntary recall of the 2012 batches of Peruvian Morning. The beer has begun to take on a distinct off flavor that is not our intention, and as we stand behind the quality of our beer, we are offering our customers the opportunity to exchange the product they feel is bad for something else.

We would like to clarify that this beer will not hurt you by drinking it, but the flavor profile is undesirable for the style. The nature of our barrel aging program, specifically Peruvian Morning, carries many variables, and a certain level of risk. We have implemented, and will continue to implement strategies to keep this from happening again.

We at Central Waters care very deeply about the quality of our beers, and as a small company every customer is important to us. As such, if you have Peruvian Morning that you feel has gone bad and would like an exchange, please send an email to [email protected] and we will be in touch with you on a case by case basis.

Again, we apologize for the problem, it is unfortunately a nature of this business sometimes, we intend to make it right by everyone.

Thank you for your support, now and in the future.

Central Waters Brewing Company

2 thoughts on “Central Waters Brewing issues voluntary recall for Peruvian Morning bottles

  1. Is it really this recent? I had a Peruvian Morning two months ago that tasted like metallic oranges. I guess I just chalk it up to batch variation and move on, no rage or anything. Is there a sort of honors-system if we already opened the beer, poured it, dumped the rest, and threw away the bottle?

  2. You know, they started out well by getting in front of the problem and having people email them, BUT their execution SUCKS! It’s been two weeks with no answer for a friend and 9 days with no answer back for me.

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