Cigar City update: 110K+OT Batch 5, One Percenter, Homefront IPA

cigar city 110k batch 5

(Tampa, FL) – Here is the latest out of Cigar City Brewing, courtesy of recent Facebook status updates.

– The brewery debuted a beer called One Percenter at an event last weekend… “This is a 1% ABV berliner weisse fermented with peaches and mangos. This beer was brewed to celebrate the accomplishments of local CCB celebrity Gary Kost, who is closing in on 300 ratings of Cigar City beers on As far as we can tell, no one else in the world has rated more beers from one brewery than Gary. Time to get a life, Gary.”

From Monday, “Xenu is back! And better (and different) than ever. What once was a creamy ale is now a crisp, highly quaffable lager. Xenu Cream Lager is incredibly delicious. It’s on in the tasting room and should be hitting other places as well on draft […] No growlers.”

From Wednesday, “Just bottled: 110K+OT Batch #5! This guy clocks in around 11% ABV and was brewed with bitter curacao peel. The result is an incredibly hoppy citrusy bomb, but warming in the finish. Double IPA? Hoppy barley wine? Whatever it is, it’s pretty awesome. Bottles and draft will be completely a tasting room exclusive, on sale in the coming days! Oh yeah: NO GROWLERS.”

From Wednesday, “Packaging Bolita today! Hooray it’s back!”

From Thursday, “Homefront IPA and 110K+OT #5 bottles are going on sale today in the tasting room right when the doors open at 11am. This is not a drill, this is actually happening today. And both beers will be on tap of course. And say it with me together boys and girls: NO GROWLERS!”

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