Innis and Gunn Independence Day 2012 Beer arrives at beginning of June

innis and gunn independence day beer(Edinburgh, SCOTLAND) – Innis and Gunn sent out a newsletter today announcing the upcoming release of Independence Day Ale.

In 2003, we discovered the wonderful effect that American Oak bourbon barrels have on our Scottish beer and this gave rise to Innis & Gunn Original. Since then we have realized how deeply interwoven are the histories of the two countries. At the very beginning, 21 of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence had Scottish blood and two had been born in Scotland. ‘Uncle Sam’ was based on a real man, Samuel Wilson, whose parents had sailed to America from the central lowlands of Scotland. The first men on the moon claimed Scottish ancestry. Today 30m citizens trace their descent from Scotland (although Scotland itself has a population of only 5m).

In honor of this heritage-and in honor of the craft beer category that was first created here in the USA-a trend which the rest of the world is now following-we have brewed Innis & Gunn Independence Day 2012 beer. This beer will arrive in the USA at the beginning of June. It is a summery beer, a celebratory beer, which combines refreshment with complexity, and goes perfectly with barbecued meat or prawns.

Tasting Notes from Dougal Sharp’s Notebook
Innis & Gunn Independence Day 2012 Beer

Malt: Deeply Satisfying maltiness from the Scottish aromatic barley malt in the recipe
Hops: Vibrant fruity citrus flavors from the Styrian Goldings hops
Nose: Biscuity malt & fruity citrus notes competing for prominence, then our classic Innis & Gunn oak-vanilla notes come through. Hints of apple and marzipan
Palate: Mouth-tingling and vibrant, biscuit malt and citrus flavours vie for attention, vanilla and oak dancing on and off the palate and become more pronounced as the beer warms in the glass. Delicious.
Finish: Malty sweetness with fruit and lingering oakiness
ABV: 7% to carry the flavours
Overall: Summery, celebratory but with depth and complexity.

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