Marshall Brewing brews Hanson beers for “Hanson Day” event

hanson mmhop test brew(Tulsa, OK) – Nearly six months after the announcement, there is still no word on the long-awaited MMMHop beer. Hanson managed to find its way into the beer spotlight this weekend anyway thanks to Marshall Brewing. Both the band, celebrated for its smash-hit in 1997, and Marshall were founded in Tulsa.

Marshall brewed multiple “test brews” that went on tap at McNellie’s Pub on Saturday night, one for each band member. A reader photo submitted to BeerPulse shows a comment card requesting feedback on the beers.

Marshall outright denied that it was brewing MMMHop late last year and the company did so again on Saturday. Even if Marshall isn’t technically brewing MMMHop, they might helping to develop a Hanson beer recipe for someone else to brew.

Hanson is holding a concert on Sunday night in which it will play new songs. The band is currently on a ten-day stretch celebrating the informal Oklahoma-based holiday, Hanson Day. The state’s governor declared May 6th as Hanson Day back in 1997 and the band, along with fans, have continued to celebrate it in the fifteen years since.


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