Modern Times Beer founder on fundraising, starting a brewery

Thousands of you read Jacob McKeans’s story, “Why I Think I’m Mostly Not Crazy For Opening a Brewery.” He just did a podcast interview.

Jacob McKean is in the midst of fundraising for Modern Times Beer and we discuss his experiences working as a social media specialist at Stone Brewing, his Beerpulse Op-ed piece, bringing on famed homebrew blogger the Mad Fermentationist as a consultant, their projected beer line-up (including a homage to Nugget Nectar), and much more.

via Aleheads.



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3 thoughts on “Modern Times Beer founder on fundraising, starting a brewery

  1. My first mention on BeerPulse? I have officially made it!

    Since the brewery will be in San Diego we are developing a range of hoppy beers. Sunday I brewed the first test-batch for an American wheat beer that I loaded up with Amarillo and Citra. I’m also getting ready for re-brews of the Nugget Nectar inspired IPA (this time with Nelson Sauvin and Columbus) and a toasted oatmeal coffee stout. On the blog I’ll be posting every iteration of the recipes as they evolve (Rye IPA, Brett finished Belgian Single, Berliner Weisse, Aromatic Pale Ale etc.).

  2. Man, is it ever weird to see my name/Modern Times on Beerpulse unexpectedly. I’ve been daydreaming about this thing for such a long time, it’s almost like reading about someone else.

    Anyway, Slouch did a great job preparing for the interview, and the podcast is probably the most complete piece of information about the project out there.

    Jacob McKean

  3. What’s shocking to me is that 3 out of 4 people are clicking the link to the article you wrote a while back. I’d have assumed that most people clicking this link would’ve already been familiar with that one.

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