Tenth and Blake adding Worthington, St. Stefanus to import portfolio (video)


MillerCoorsTenth and Blake Beer Company is adding beers from two more breweries to its portfolio of imports.

Worthington's White Shield IPATenth and Blake is bringing in 750 mL bottles of Worthington’s Red Shield Blond Ale and Worthington’s White Shield IPA out of UK-based Worthington Brewery. The brewery is located in the region that is the “home turf of English ales,” says Tenth and Blake President and CEO, Tom Cardella. “It sits in Burton Upon Trent along a river that is one of the highest mineralized water sources in the world. That has traditionally been one of the key components of English ales.”

Last summer, MillerCoors parent company, SABMiller, entered into an agreement with Belgium-based Brouwerij Van Steenberge to brew and distribute a new brand under the name, St. Stefanus. Look for St. Stefanus Blonde and Grand Cru in 750s as well.

All four beers will be available only in bottles and are slated to arrive in the U.S. by late spring/early summer per Cardella [ed. note: at least as of a month ago].

St. Stefanus Grand Cru

3 thoughts on “Tenth and Blake adding Worthington, St. Stefanus to import portfolio (video)

  1. I won’t lie, I’m beyond excited about this. Finally, an opportunity to try Worthington White Shield.

  2. The question I have is, will St. Stefanus grand cru be any different than Augustin grand cru?

  3. Feeling a little bit burned by Jeff Versele over this. I specifically bought a bottle of St. Stefanus from Costco, hoping to support and bring in more Van Steenberge beers. The whole St. Stefanus thing seemed a bit shady, but having visited Jeff in Belgium I went for it. I should have asked more questions when I saw it was not imported by The global beer network. Lesson learned, Jeff is business man first, beer man second.

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