The Brooklyn Brewery’s Hindy selling voting shares 25 years after founding company

Brooklyn Brewery Steve Hindy

(Brooklyn, NY) – In 1987, Steve Hindy co-founded The Brooklyn Brewery with neighbor and friend, Tom Potter. 25 years later, Hindy confirms that he is selling his voting shares.

Hindy tells BeerPulse that it has been a work-in-progress for a few years.

“The Ottoways decided that they wanted to be in this for the long-term. We made an agreement for them to buy my voting stock over a period of time and they are going to be the next generation owners of The Brooklyn Brewery.”

A quick-and-dirty history lesson… Hindy founded the brewery with Potter after doing work for The Associated Press in the Middle East. Hindy had learned how to brew beer while spending several years there. Another friend and colleague at The Post, David Ottaway, became an early investor in the company. Ottaway’s sons, Eric and Robin, also ran the Massachusetts-based distributorship that Brooklyn owned but later sold to the Sheehan family. Eric and Robin had become interested in the brewery business and eventually bought Potter’s shares…and are now buying Hindy’s shares.

Both Eric and Robin hold current roles at the company: Eric is General Manager and Robin is Sales Manager.

Hindy will stay on board as well.

“I’m Chairman of the Board and President. I work full-time at the brewery and will continue to do that. I’ll be mentoring Eric and Robin and being the public face and spokesman for the brewery along with Garrett [Oliver].”

Why now?

“Entrepreneurs don’t always get the chance to enjoy the fruits of their entrepreneurship. I decided that rather than waiting until I’m 70 years old to take money out, I can take it now and have more time to travel and do things while I’m still relatively young.”

More on the conversation with Hindy later…


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