Three Floyds issues statement against Dark Lord black market sales

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(Munster, IN) – Three Floyds Brewing released a statement on its blog this afternoon regarding Dark Lord Imperial Stout sales popping up on eBay. Currently, there are 150 open eBay listings for the beer, one of which is a vintage of six bottles listed for $850.

Dark Lord Day has become the success that it is due to the support from the craft beer community. Each year we’ve worked hard for months to improve the experience of the attendees.

Dark Lord Day is the only day that Dark Lord is sold. Part of only selling beer at the brewery guarantees that it goes to the consumer at a reasonable cost and that everyone has an equal opportunity to purchase Dark Lord.

We do not condone black market sales of Dark Lord, DLD tickets or any other beer that is purchased at our facility. The best way to ensure that black market sales do not happen is for consumers to not patronize the illegal sellers, (this also goes for retailers who engage in price gouging.) There unfortunately is not a practical, legal or cost effective way for us to police after market sales of our limited products or tickets.

We have reviewed many options but have found that all of them would affect our mission of making the best beer we possibly can at a reasonable price to the consumer. If you find Dark Lord for sale on a day other than Dark Lord Day and other than at the brewery please understand that without exception, the sale is not legitimate. It is on all of us as a community to try to prevent black market sales.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to planning an awesome Dark Lord Day 2013.

15 thoughts on “Three Floyds issues statement against Dark Lord black market sales

  1. On eBay:
    14 (of 934) BA Vanilla Dark Lord (1.4%)
    35 (of 534) BA Cognac Dark Lord (6.5%)
    24 (of 688) BA Bourbon Dark Lord (3.4%)
    ~80-90 Dark Lord

    These are active, they don’t even include Dark Lord already sold.

  2. Maybe if they stopped hyping the s^&t out of their beer there wouldn’t be so much “Black Market” activity. Release your beer at a reasonable price through normal distribution channels, without the “limited” number of bottles bullshit. Sorry Three Floyds, but you reap what you sow.

  3. Honestly even though I missed out on tickets two years in a row, I can tell that FFF is doing all they can. Try brewing sometime and you’ll see it’s not so easy.

  4. The only way for FFF, and other breweries for that matter, to stop these kinds of eBay sales are stop making rare and limited beers. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

  5. This is such bulls^&t, if Three FLoyds gave a s&*t they would have done something along time ago yet they dont cause they love the attention and now they wanna act like the good guys and say they dont condone it, then stop giving tickets out you know will be scalped by your own employees. F^&k three Floyds they suck balls anyway.

  6. Quit being dicks about their beer and make it more widely available. Problem Solved.

  7. Who gives a crap? People are going to do it either way. Russian River did the same thing with Pliny the Younger growlers and now they won’t fill them anymore. FFF, if you don’t want people trading your beer illicitly, then offer it on draft only. That will help, but it’s not a guaranteed solution or an option that will draw a lot of people to your release. Shit happens.

  8. People who say FFF sucks are the ones that can’t get it. I could say the same thing about Russian river or deschutes, but I don’t.

  9. Simple…satisfy demand and black market goes away. Can’t do enough, contract it. I know that’s not ideal but it is the only way to keep doing beers that I have to assume are that good and reduce the black market.

  10. This blows, and I wish it didn’t have to come to this, but I think the only reasonable solution is for the breweries to start charging a lot more for their rare and special releases. There’s obviously a demand and willingness to pay insane prices…. maybe if a Dark Lord, or other rare beer cost $100 at the brewery, people would be less willing to flip them off on eBay to pull a crazy profit, and drink them instead…

  11. Also, for all the people in the “just make more” crowd, it’s not that easy. Take Kate for instance, which sits in tanks for about 5 or 6 months before it’s bottled and keggified… This takes up valuable tank space, which Portsmouth needs to make other beers.

    A lot of these small(er) breweries are limited with their capabilities, which makes it that much harder to produce them in large quantities, whether it be the amount of bourbon/cognac/whatever barrels their aging with, or just tank space.

  12. Want to get people to stop buying black market beers on ebay? Draft only. More breweries should support their local bars… they are the #1 reason breweries are in business anyway!

    Another, less practical solution, is to make a fake ebay account, bid as high as you can to win the auction, and don’t pay the fools. Sure they’ll just relist them, but if enough people do it enough times they’ll get frustrated, open the beer, and (gasp) ENJOY it. About halfway through a bottle of Dark Lord they’ll wonder why they were ever trying to sell it in the first place, I promise you that.

  13. “If you find Dark Lord for sale on a day other than Dark Lord Day and other than at the brewery please understand that without exception, the sale is not legitimate.”

    LOL. I think this is such a ridiculous opinion. I can sell my property to someone else in an “arm’s-length transaction” all I want. To say it is not legitimate is beyond silly. Next thing you know Ford is going to say it is not a legitimate sale for me to sell my used Mustang to someone…Oh Wait…That would never happen. Oh, and licenses to sell, etc. be damned. I am not a proprietor so I don’t need one.

  14. @buy them ALL!

    Have you ever actually had Dark Lord? It’s horrific. And I don’t just mean it’s bad I mean it’s awful. Definitely one of the worst imperial stouts out there. I guess it’s people like you with no sense at all on what makes a good beer that have given dark lord such high ratings.

  15. Three Floyd’s can’t even keep up with the demand of their Gumball Head either?? I think they are some elitist hipsters. It’s a trend and like all trends, it’ll pass.

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