Update from the 2012 Craft Brewers Conference

charlie papazian craft brewers conference 2011

Charlie Papazian at the 2011 Craft Brewers Conference

hindy 160(San Diego, CA) – Thousands of people in the beer industry have come to San Diego to network with one another at the 2012 Craft Brewers Conference. All signs from this morning’s keynote and the general vibe is that things are going very well for U.S. breweries. No surprises though BeerPulse has heard from one brewer that spring seasonal sales were softer than expected for some folks. More on that later…

For now, here was the Twitter activity that BeerPulse captured during the keynote. Stats galore…expect another post on industry growth very soon.


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3 thoughts on “Update from the 2012 Craft Brewers Conference

  1. “Only 1 of 84 regional craft breweries did not increase production in 2011. ”
    Which one was that?

  2. Not really fair to lump cider in with malternatives and alcopops. :/ One of my favourite beverages now is Thornbury Cider – the cidery is located in the village of Thornbury near Georgian Bay (Lake Huron) in Ontario, not much further than an hour from where I live. Its a local product made from pressed locally grown apples. The part of Ontario I live in is great for growing apples. Plus, it’s gluten-free so I can enjoy it with friends of mine who have gluten sensitivities.

    Cider can be delicious and full of character, and can show just as much craftsmanship as craft beer. I don’t understand the hate, unless he’s just talking shit about a competing product. I like Brooklyn Brewery, so I hope he doesn’t feel insecure about his products ability to speak for itself.

  3. Ryan, I’d have to agree with you there. There is some really GREAT cider out there!

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