Victory Brewing makes lineup changes amidst capacity constraints

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(Downingtown, PA) – Victory Brewing NYC/CT Area Sales Manager, Sean McCain, joined the Craft Beer Talk podcast to discuss the latest news with the company.

McCain says that the company is right up against capacity in 2012. The brewery produced just under 80,000 barrels in 2011 and grew nearly 40% from 2010. Functional capacity in Downingtown is between 110,000 and 120,000 barrels, according to McCain. Do the math.

To fix the capacity problem, Victory is opening a second brewery in Pennsylvania, one that will allow the company to produce 200,000 barrels annually. Brewing won’t begin until summer 2013 at the earliest though.

What to do until then? Cut or limit brands.

Victory announced a hiatus for Old Horizontal in November. Since then, the brewery has also designated beers that were previously available in bottles as ‘draft-only’ like St. Victorious and St. Boisterous due to lengthy production schedules. McCain confirmed that this would also be the case for Sunrise Weissbier and Moonglow Weizenbock.

To partially make up for the disappointment, Victory recently introduced a draft-only single-hop Double IPA program dubbed the Ranch Series. These beers each carry an ABV of 9% and are the only ones to feature dry-hopping at the brewery.

The series kicked off with Ranch R, a beer brewed with Centennial hops and will be followed by Ranch S, a beer brewed with Cascade hops some time within the next month. Expect to find Ranch Series beers in limited distribution.


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