Denver Beer Co. capitalizes on Bryce Harper’s “Clown Question, Bro” remark (video)


Denver Beer Company is capitalizing on a story that had people buzzing this week. The Washington Nationals’ 19-year old rookie phenom, Bryce Harper, was asked by a reporter what beer was his favorite while visiting Canada to play the Toronto Blue Jays. Though Harper can legally drink up north, he still didn’t take kindly to the question, responding, “That’s a clown question, bro.”

Denver Beer Co logoAfter seeing the story, Denver Beer Co. decided to name a lager that it was brewing after the incident, “Clown Question.” The beer is a “Canadian Lager.”

The question is, by the time the beer hits taps, will anyone (especially in Denver) remember or care about Bryce Harper’s quote? The Nationals visit the Colorado Rockies at the end of the month though lagers generally take more than a week or two to ferment so it is doubtful that the beer would be finished by then. The Rockies visit The Nationals after the July 4th holiday and that will be the teams’ last meeting of the year.

Another Colorado brewery, Bonfire Brewing, named a beer after Tim Tebow when he was on a roll with the Denver Broncos. The beer, “Tebrew,” was a barley wine that had just come out of the tanks and local drinkers could (presumably) immediately make the connection.

But will Clown Question pay off for Denver Beer Co.?


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