MillerCoors bought Michigan Brewing assets

michigan brewing logo(Webberville, MI) – BeerPulse reported last week that an executive with MillerCoors was spotted at the recent Michigan Brewing auction. Today, MillerCoors confirmed that it won some auctions including brewing equipment and brands.

Here is the full statement from Spokesman, Peter Marino:

“We bought some of the assets of the Michigan Brewing Company at auction with the primary intention of acquiring their brewery equipment, which is in excellent condition. Given the rapid expansion of a number of Tenth and Blake brands, we decided an asset purchase would provide us with added small batch flexibility moving forward. We haven’t decided what, if anything, we might do with the brands at this point. It’s important to note, we do not own the brewing facility, just the equipment and the brand trademarks.”

While operating, annual brewery capacity exceeded 50,000 barrels.

Meanwhile, CraftBev International, representing the Celis family at the auction, acquired the Celis brands.

8 thoughts on “MillerCoors bought Michigan Brewing assets

  1. No, it does not. That is a contract brand and was not owned by Michigan Brewing. Kid Rock’s drink company was able to get out of that contract.

  2. “While operating, annual brewery capacity exceeded 50,000 barrels.”

    MBCs capacity may have been 50k bbl, but MBC never product more than 13k bbl in a single year, and I am being generous with that figure.

  3. Yeah, the context was more to show that it was a sizable system for a craft brewery though I don’t have the system specs.

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