Beard Beer: Rogue Ales to create beer using yeast from brewmaster’s beard follicles

maier beard crop

Press Release:

(Newport, OR) – Columbus may have discovered America but Brewmaster, John Maier, has discovered a new wild yeast that was developed from his old growth beard.

In cooperation with White Labs, samples were collected from Rogue Ales‘ hopyard and sent to White Labs for culture and testing. Sadly, all three samples proved incapable of producing a yeast suitable for brewing.

As a joke, nine beard follicles were carefully cut from the beard of Rogue brewmaster, John Maier. The follicles were placed in a petri dish and sent in for testing.

To the shock of the experts at White Labs, the beard samples had produced a yeast strain that was perfect for use in brewing. Additional testing was conducted and confirmed that the yeast strain was not Rogue’s yeast. White Labs’ Chris White said, “we were shocked and thrilled with this remarkable discovery.”

John has been growing his beard continuously since 1978 and he has claimed that he will never cut it off. When told of the discovery, John said simply, “It was in front of me the whole time and it only took two centuries and five decades to grow.”

The beard yeast is currently being used in test brews to determine the perfect style and yeast combination. The beard beer, New Crustacean, will be released in early 2013.

Rogue Ales and Spirits is dedicated to saving the terroir of Oregon hops, barley and rye, by growing our own, one acre at a time.



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38 thoughts on “Beard Beer: Rogue Ales to create beer using yeast from brewmaster’s beard follicles

  1. They need to use this yeast to make a collaboration beer with Dogfish Head and ferment their Sam-Spit Chicha. Perhaps they could get make it one of those Stone three-way collabs: just have Greg Koch stir it with his junk.

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  4. That’s just nasty. eeew. I don’t think I could get past the mental block. I know that it’ll be clean yeast but… (pardon while I puke)

  5. Not that surprising he has brewer’s yeast in his beard considering he’s been spending countless hours inside Rogue’s brewhouse for a couple of decades. It’s probably a mutated strain of pac-man…

  6. They tried this before and it was awful. A fool who persists in his folly will find a viable strain.

  7. Egads, why would you do this? Hey guys! I found a strain of yeast growing on my ball hairs! Drink up boys!! o_O No gracias….

  8. So What next… Candidiasis yeast beer…. Maybe pubic hair yeast…. No Thanks

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  12. IMO just plain stupid.. I’m guessing more of a publicity stunt than a meaningful contribution to the art of brewing… Actually I’m generally not all that fond of Rogue Ales… More hype than substance I think…

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  14. What wusses…

    One of the reasons people have drunk beer for millennia is that the boiling part of the process kills all the nasty stuff, providing a clean source of drinking liquid.

    Yogurt comes from bacterial cultures not unlike those in the human mouth. (I once accidentally created yogurt by leaving an unfinished glass of milk on the table.) People eat sausage cased with animal intestines — and you know what’s been in them!

  15. I wondered how long it would take for the feminine yeast and breast milk jokes to sprout.

  16. Their ‘maple bacon’ beer was a failure. I can’t imagine the novelty of this actually winning any fans of craft beer back. In fact, it’s convinced me to stay away from Rogue altogether!

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  19. Absolutely DISGUSTING!!! You give our industry a disgusting reputation. Just as we are growing and gaining ground, you do something like this? Makes me sick.

  20. My girlfriend is out of action due to a yeast infection. Should I know go Mitt Romney and creates some craft beer jobs? How about partner with Jenna James and create the “Girl-fish Redemption”. Dawg this is start to sound serious to me?!

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