Jolly Pumpkin hopes to bring back Lambic program (video)


(Dexter, MI) – The Shelton Brothers recently caught up with Michigan-based Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales‘ Founder and Brewer, Ron Jeffries, during his trip to The Festival in Massachusetts.

Jeffries discusses his background and overall “beer philosophy” though he also goes into some of the techniques he uses when working with barrels, blending beer and creating sour ales. Watch the video for more info on that.

Some revelations…

Jeffries says that the company recently added some 60-barrel oak-aging vessels and hopes to get more. They will have more room in the new facility which parent company, Northern United Brewing Co., just purchased.

When the new facility is operating, Jeffries hopes to start the Lambicus project up again. Lambicus Dexterius was the traditional Lambic-style beer that Jeffries first started working on several years ago and originally released at the end of 2009. He admits to making some mistakes (carbonation issues) but learning a lot in the process. He has at least one ‘blendable’ batch that can be used in a future release though he says it would hypothetically be another two or three years until a finished blend would be ready.

Because of the constraints on the current brewery, the brewers have been unable to do more Lambic work. Jeffries explains that it is a long brew day and hard to justify taking away resources from producing other faster-to-make beers when wholesalers have ordered product and expect timely delivery.

In addition, to the talk around the Lambic project, Jeffries also casually mentioned that the company will be looking to distribute its Gluten-free IPA, the first commercial example of its kind, at some point.

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