Founders Breakfast Stout bottles banned in New Hampshire

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8/10 UPDATE: Founders Dir. of Marketing, Dave Engbers, says that the company will ship kegs to the state but won’t change the label so that it can ship bottles. “We respect the liquor commission’s perspective on our label artwork. Overall, we have a number of award-winning beers for New Hampshire to choose from, and we’re excited to share the Founders experience with them.”

(Concord, NH) – Founders Brewing Company started distributing beer to New Hampshire earlier this month, completing the only remaining state in New England that it had not yet opened.

But BeerPulse has learned that there is one beer that Granite State drinkers won’t be seeing, at least in its current form: Founders Breakfast Stout.


Because the photo of the baby on the label is in violation of current state liquor code:

VII. Advertising of liquor or beverages shall not contain:
(a) Any reference to minors, pictorial or otherwise.
(b) Any subject matter or illustrations inducing persons under the legal drinking age to drink. All coupon offers requiring consumer participation shall contain reference that the coupon offer is available only to persons of legal drinking age.
(c) Any statement that is false or misleading.

The code does not forbid kegs of the beer provided that the company doesn’t use the iconic baby imagery on the tap handle.

When contacted for this story, Founders Brewing Co-Founder and Director of Marketing, Dave Engbers, indicated that he was unaware of the matter and hadn’t yet decided a course of action.

Founders has virtually full coverage in the state through four distributors: Clarke Distributors in Keene, New Hampshire Distributors in Concord, White Mountain Distributors in Berlin and Bellavance Beverage in Nashua.

On a related note, Founders Dirty Bastard and Backwoods Bastard were both banned in Alabama due to the word, “Bastard,” being present in the name before the state liquor board rescinded the ban in July.

5 thoughts on “Founders Breakfast Stout bottles banned in New Hampshire

  1. NH blows for alcohol, and Im from NH, so I can talk trash. Its time the state pulls its head out of the sand and starts opening doors for breweries and distribution alike, lest it remain in the shadows of Maine, VT, and MA which are far superior than NH.

    Yeah new beer stores are opening, but really NH? No Breakfast Stout?

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  3. Founders Breakfast Stout is even better tasting and satisfying than the classic depiction of an adorable tot innocently enjoying his breakfast porridge. It recalls the halcyon days of one’s youth, without a care in the world. No one should take umbrage with an image that is pure and quaint. My only complaint is that this treat is seasonal and not always available, more’s the pity.

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