Samuel Adams Octoberfest arrives early

Samuel Adams Octoberfest(Boston, MA) – As part of its quarterly earnings call, Boston Beer Co. CEO, Martin Roper, shared that the company ran through Summer Ale “a bit faster” than they anticipated. Samuel Adams Octoberfest started making its way to some markets last week as a result. Roper said that the beer is a strong seasonal performer for the company.

As noted earlier, Octoberfest is the first brand to feature the new design framework that will soon be seen on other core beers in the Samuel Adams portfolio like Boston Lager and Cream Stout.

On Twitter, many are surprised to see the brand so early:


13 thoughts on “Samuel Adams Octoberfest arrives early

  1. last year it was second week of august — still early, sold out by mid september usually — this is just part of the larger conspiracy to shift seasons a week or so earlier each yeah, like the snowstorm second week of october in boston, this year it will be last week in september.

  2. For the past few years Oktoberfest brews for the most part have been getting released early August…’s just craziness…..Yesterday we got in the Brooklyn Ofest….last week the Sam Adams Harvest Variety hit stores in the area…..kinda aggravates me and confuses the public on when certain beers are supposed to come out. Would be nice if it was released when it is supposed to be released… September. At this rate, all the Christmas beers will start hitting shelves in September.

  3. Just so everyone knows, the reason they do it is distribution. The earlier YOUR seasonal gets to the warehouse, the sooner it can get prime shelf/tap space, before the other guy’s seasonal. The sucky truth. I don’t agree with it trust me, but that’s how it is.

    *Be a smart consumer: Showcase your dissatisfaction via your wallet. Stop buying it until you feel the season is right.*

    It’s the only way to change it.

  4. there full of shit they came out early because pumpkinhead came out early once one does something the other has to catch up not to lose ground

  5. It is never to early to have a good Sam Adams Octoberfest however, Sam A has a lot of other good “Core Beers”. That Octoberfest “Marzen Brew” is worth waiting for whenever they release it. I’ve got my 2012 Sam Adams Octoberfest and enjoying every drop.

  6. R u all kiding! This is the best beer Sam makes! It should be available all year. If you don’t like the fact that it’s out, don’t buy it-more for me-Thank u Sam for making the end of vacation time awsome!

  7. I was very pleasantly surprised to stumble upon my first Sam’s Octoberfest of the season at my local market earlier this week. And there’s a cool down coming in the weather this weekend here in KY. Coincidence…..OR….NOT! :>)

  8. Chris and Greg have the right attitude about the great Sam Adams Brewery. Who couldn’t love an Octoberfest, anytime. I sure enjoy my “Early” Sam’s Marzen. The Octoberfest in a pretty “Sam Adams Boston Lager” glass is just a pretty site!

  9. Well here it is, another good day with a Sam Adams Octoberfest Beer. It can’t get much better than this however, I have to watch my consumption. It is much like when I was a kid and would go downtown to the drug store for a Chocolate Malt. I might want another but I soon learned that 1 was enough for a sitting however, I normally need a couple Octoberfest per sitting. Time for next one!

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