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Bend gas station among first in Northwest to offer growler fills

At most gas stations, you fuel up, grab a soda or perhaps a six-pack of your favorite beer. Now a Bend station is taking that to the next level. The Stop & Go Shell station on Highway 20 and 27th Street has something no other gas station in the Northwest. They now have 30 different West Coast beers all on tap so you can fill your 64-ounce (half-gallon) "growler" of beer.

Video >> KTVZ.


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8 thoughts on “Bend gas station among first in Northwest to offer growler fills

  1. Norms gas station in Lake Stevens Wa has 52 taps for growler fills and 1000ish bottles of craft and import beers. I’ve lived a mile away for a year and known about it for about another one.

  2. Actually, after reading comments about this elsewhere, turns out there are several other establishments in WA state filling growlers. Why was just this one in Bend profiled and called the only one?

  3. Dunno. I try to trust the news sources to which I link to have done their homework. I’d post less than half the links that I do if I had to factcheck everyone’s work.

  4. No worries at all, bud. That is usually the case when it’s just a sentence or two (but sometimes not). It will say via or More >> at the bottom followed by a link.

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