Samuel Adams Hop Tour 6pk

Boston Beer Co. releasing new Samuel Adams Hop Tour variety 6-pack

For the first time together in a 6-pack, we’re excited to release Samuel Adams® Latitude 48 IPA, Samuel Adams® Whitewater IPA, and Samuel Adams® Noble Pils in our newest variety pack: Samuel Adams® Hop Tour™. These three styles are brewed with hops from different growing regions around the world, including Germany, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Australia and right here in the United States. In total, 13 different hop varieties went into brewing these three beers.

Update: Boston Beer Co. rep says that this pack shipped out to wholesalers at the end of August. It first hit the market this week.


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4 thoughts on “Boston Beer Co. releasing new Samuel Adams Hop Tour variety 6-pack

  1. “No date of release announced.”

    After a quick search with the beer finder on the Sam Adams website, it would seem that this six pack is already available in stores.

  2. I will be buying this! I love all of these beers, but it takes months before I get around to rotating them through my purchases. Nice solution here.

  3. Its the same SKU as the 6pk mix pack. They are just changing the mix and renaming it. Which that may be why it says they are available right now.

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