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eBay to pull alcohol sales after 20/20 teams up with minor in sting operation


So it had nothing to do with craft brewers calling into eBay after all…or might this be unrelated?

The online marketplace eBay has said it will begin removing listings for beer and liquor from its site after a teen working with "20/20" successfully ordered vodka from two eBay vendors. The vendors advertised their products as "collectible."

More >> ABC News.


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9 thoughts on “eBay to pull alcohol sales after 20/20 teams up with minor in sting operation

  1. The problem isn’t “a 13-year-old buy alcohol online” but rather “a 13-year-old can buy *anything* online.” Where is the parental supervision, and who gave the 13-year-old a credit card? And if the answer to the latter is “he stole it from his parents,” then how is the theft and subsequent fraudulent purchase the online merchant’s fault?

  2. @Mike S
    While it is unlikely for a 13 year-old to have access to a credit or debit card, most teens will have at least a debit card by the time they are 18. While most college kids probably wouldn’t go through the hassle, it’s still a potential liability on eBays part.

  3. With all do respect Mike S, the teenager was working WITH 20/20 to do an undercover sting of sorts. I agree that parental supervision is lacking in most of today’s society, but reading between the lines on this one is a dead end road. The point they’re trying to make is the legalities of buying alcohol on-line, forget the fact that it was an underage person, big-brother doesn’t want anyone buying alcohol on-line because someone somewhere is loosing a buck. Damn the three tier system, it sucks from the top down. To prove my point just ask any retailer about their relationship with distributors, it’s give money take money and that’s the bottom line.

  4. You dont need to be 13 to steal a credit card. Most these teens are smart and they buy a Visa Gift Card from any drug store and they can use it as a debit card.

  5. I believe Black market sales of beer or other alcohol by private parties is againist the laws of most/all states whether it is collectable or not. Many states have rules against shipping alcohol from out of states without going through a distributor. Many beers on eBay are above the legal ABV% of some states. So why has eBay gotten into this business in the first place regardless of the age of the buyer?

  6. If you are using Ebay to sell beer then… you’re a moron. There are many other resources for you besides Ebay. Use your brains a little bit, people.

  7. No it is a separate issue. There have been liquors that I could buy at any local store on Ebay for years. I contacted them mentioning that when they banned beer sales. They didn’t seem to care.

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