Flanders red ale among Samuel Adams LongShot 2013 Competition finalists

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(Boston, MA) – In a few weeks, we’ll learn what the three beers will be in the Samuel Adams LongShot 2013 Variety Pack.

The Boston Beer Company holds the LongShot homebrew competition each year, announcing the three winning homebrewers at the Great American Beer Festival. One winner will be chosen from within the company while the other two entries will come from the general public.

Out of nine semifinalists from the general public, a number of judges hailing from the beer community settled on four finalists. The final four will fly to Denver for GABF next month with a 1-in-2 shot of seeing their homebrew re-brewed on a commercial scale for release next spring.

The final four:

  • James Schirmer of Bellflower, CA – American Wheat with Hibiscus Flowers
  • Brian St Clair of Cincinnati, OH – Flanders red ale with sour cherry
  • Tom Fitzpatrick of Batavia, IL – Saison
  • Zack Adams of Chester, CT – Imperial India Pale Ale (IPA)

According to one of the judges, Jay Brooks, these four beat out a doppelbock, German pilsner, lambic, rauchbier and a Russian imperial stout.

Last year’s winning LongShot pack included a Sticke Alt, Dunkel and Russian Imperial Stout.


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7 thoughts on “Flanders red ale among Samuel Adams LongShot 2013 Competition finalists

  1. They won’t pick the Flanders Red because it takes too long to make a good one, sad but true!

  2. In the past they have been flexible enough to allow the winner to brew their beer correctly (they postponed production of the double IPA for a year during the hop shortage). Also in the rules for the comp they say no ales over 1.060 starting gravity… yet 2 of the beers in the 2012 pack were about 9%ABV. It’s not clear to me that they have ever allowed such things to hold back who they thought should win.

  3. James Schirmer’s Beer is quite tasty and refreshing – American Wheat with Hibiscus Flowers–is the best!

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