Henry Weinhard’s brand goes national

Henry Weinhards Private Reserve Northwest Lager

Update: The New School reports that MillerCoors won’t renew its production contract with Full Sail Brewing next spring

Press Release:

(Chicago, IL) – Henry Weinhard spent considerable time and effort exploring the Pacific Northwest and searching for the perfect location for his brewery. More than 150 years later, beer drinkers across the country have the chance to explore the taste of the Pacific Northwest. This month, Henry Weinhard’s is launching three beers nationally: Private Reserve, Redwood Flats Amber Ale and Woodland Pass IPA.

The affordable, uncomplicated craft beers pair well with easy-going foods, such as nachos, burgers and steak.

  • Woodland Pass India Pale Ale:  Originally developed for British sailors stationed in India, IPAs were aggressively hopped to help prevent spoilage on long ocean voyages. Henry’s has eased up on the hoppiness just a bit to let the caramel malts shine through and let beer drinkers appreciate the hops in all their glory.
  • Redwood Flats Amber Ale:  With its beautiful copper color and subtle hop aroma, Redwood Flats Amber is our traditional take on a modern American classic. Featuring a unique blend of American hops and malts, this beer is bold and assertive, with a smooth, hoppy flavor that’s easy to drink.
  • Private Reserve:  A crisp, clean, American Pale Lager, Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve blends Henry’s German heritage with the natural ingredients of the Pacific Northwest. It’s brewed with 100 percent Cascade hops from Oregon.

“Today, we swim in an ocean of beer options, from ultra hoppy IPAs to stouts aged with kiwis in whiskey barrels,” said Katie Cowan, brand manager for Henry Weinhard’s.  “While we respect these breweries for pushing the boundaries of beer, Henry’s is serving up rock-solid, uncomplicated beers that are textbook examples of Henry’s original motto:  craft good ingredients into quality products.”

There’s never been a guy who cared more about making good beer easy to enjoy than Henry Weinhard.  He left Germany in 1856 with nothing but a recipe, a copper kettle and a thirst to share his beers with the people of America.  He was a savvy businessman, a straight shooter and generous to a fault. Legend has it, he even offered to pump free beer through a public fountain so people could enjoy it at will.

The three Henry Weinhard’s beers are now available in bottles, priced around $6.49 per six-pack.   Woodland Pass IPA and Redwood Flats Amber are also available on draft.

About Henry Weinhard’s

In the spring of 1856, a young brew master from Germany traveled months aboard a cargo ship to America and arrived in Oregon Territory.  Young Henry established his brewery outside of Ft. Vancouver and had a steady stream of thirsty trappers, soldiers and loggers to enjoy his high quality brews.  Demand quickly increased for Henry’s fine brews and he continued to share them with the people by purchasing saloons, delivering beer to neighboring cities via horse-drawn carriages and even shipping beer aboard barges to San Francisco.  By the end of the century, Henry became a leading citizen of Portland and was revered for his craft of brewing.  He passed away in 1904 and left behind a wealth of friends and a tradition of high quality, authentic beers, brewed with ingredients from the Pacific Northwest, including Woodland Pass India Pale Ale, Redwood Flats Amber Ale, Private Reserve, Blue Boar, Northwest Wheat and Blonde Lager.

33 thoughts on “Henry Weinhard’s brand goes national

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  2. Interesting. When I lived on the West Coast, I always liked that Henry Weinhard’s was the ‘good’ free beer you’d get at picnics and the like. I’d be very curious to see how it does nationally, but I think if they are positioning the brand as ‘uncomplicated-but-perfectly-fine’ it’s not a bad move.

  3. Miller still doesn’t get it. They bought the brand, didn’t know the history. Didn’t know what to do with it. Closed the Brewery in downtown Portland. Killed the brand in Portland. Just try to find draft anywhere. Weinhard’s started craft brewing in Portland with his Private Reserve followed with Blue Boar, Dark, and Red.
    The redwoods are 300 miles from Portland and Woodland is in Washington. Way to keep the names local.
    The Miller contract was great for Full Sail and No MC does not own Full Sail. Their employee’s do. Most of Henry’s is brewed in LA.
    It was not Legend, The real story is Henry Weinhard offered to fill the new Skidmore fountain for it’s dedication. The city declined the offer.

  4. Right – I knew Full Sail was employee owned, I was referreing to Henry Weinhard’s being owned by Miller.

    Seems like they are trying to Blue Moon this?

  5. I bought a 12 pack of Henry’s Private Reserve a few months ago, and the code stamped on the bottle indicated that it was brewed at the Miller brewery in Irwindale, CA.

  6. Private and Blue Boar are produced in Irwindale. Most other styles produced at Full Sail. Miller has plenty of tank space to make the product at any of there other breweries.
    They have done a rebranding push before. They used it as a regional brand not nation wide.

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  8. My favorite beer was Sam Adams Boston Lager until I found Henry Weinhard’s which was so similar I switched earlier this year. Now I can’t find it on the shelf and I don’t remember the flavor. Can you help me?

  9. I think you might be talking about the Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve Lager. Could be wrong. Call around your local store to see if they carry Henry Weinhard’s. If they do, good chance that they have that beer.

  10. I lived in Washington State during the 90’s and loved Henry Weinhard’s Classic Dark. Is there still being produced and will it go national as well?

  11. I’m actually not sure on either question. They are active on Facebook & could probably help with these questions. Wish that I could be of more assistance. Cheers!

  12. Does anyone know the quality of the ingredients in (Miller’s) Henry Weinhards beer? I am in the search of a non gmo, reasonably priced, American beer. Suggestions are appreciated!

  13. Henry Weinhard found its way to Walmart in Alabama. Above average beer in the Budweiser price range.

  14. I fondly remember Drinking Henry’s when I lived in Portland in the 80’s. The neck label would have the brew number. And each brew could be a bit different than previous. My Bottle from here in Bama show brewed by Blitz in Milwaukee. It is still much better than Bud or Miller, but appears to be brewed in various places around th country. I wonder how the quality and tastes will hold up. Glad to see it again.

  15. The original numbered-bottle Henry’s was a great beer for it’s time and was almost on par with a lot of micro-lagers of today.
    The old Henry’s Red was as good as some German bocks-Henry’s Red was pretty malty for an American beer.
    Today’s Henry’s is ok,but a shadow of what it was in the day.
    For shame.
    Props to the above writer for remembering the original Henry’s as one of the trailblazers of the craft beer movement the fruits of which all real beer and ale lovers enjoy today.

  16. well I finaly found Henry’s again, i don’tcare where it is brewed the last time I drank it was 1995 in Colo now it being sold at walmart in clarksville tn.By the way they keep their nasty tasting budweiser

  17. I’m in Milwaukee and the Weinhard’s here is brewed in (surprise) Milwaukee. I think that this is a pretty tasty beer for the price point below most major craft brews. Here, a six pack of Sam Adams, or Lakefront (local), or Blue Moon would be ~7.00 to 7.50. Weinhards is 6.50. Its a very good deal in my opinion. Still won’t buy the other Miller beers, however.

  18. Most of Henry’s is brewed in LA not Golden, but since they are going nation wide MC has plenty of tank space to brew it anywhere, and it taste nothing like it did in 1995, Private is always better than the bit Lagers in my opinion.

  19. They changed the wonderful embossed, dark glass bottle. They changed the packaging… If that wasn’t enough they changed the recipe! They claim they haven’t but how do you explain that fact that it tastes differently!!!??? I’ve enjoyed Henry’s Private Reserve for 30 years. I can’t force it down now. What a shame!!!!

  20. Great partying with you Blue Boar from 86-98 ! Ran into your red-headed cousins today, here in Austin and the saying is true—“You can never go back” 🙁

  21. I bought a six pack @ wallyworld today. Not what I remember from the mid nineties. Said Golden Colorado on the bottle. Bought in iowa.

  22. Blue Boar is my favourite
    I drive down from Canada to buy it on a regular basis
    I miss the old unique bottle shape
    Typical long neck bottle now

  23. I live in northern California, there`s not a Henry weinhard to be found anywhere ! what the hells going on?

  24. I found Henry Weinhard’s IPA in my local Kroger’s, tried it and without a doubt decided it to be my favorite. Reasonably priced and great tasting beer. I bought it regularly. Now cannot find it anywhere. What the heck has happened?

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