Breakside Brewery signs with Maletis Beverage, making progress on new location

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(Portland, OR) – Breakside Brewery Founder, Ben Edmunds, and new Production Manager, Jacob Leonard, joined Beer O’Clock Radio this past Saturday to share some updates on the new facility slated to open this fall.

If you haven’t read the BeerPulse piece from March, Breakside has been a small brewpub up to this point, producing 700 barrels last year. The company is about to change course drastically with the addition of a 30-barrel system (with 60-barrel fermenters and a 30-barrel fermenter) in PS Business Park Milwaukie near Highway 24.

Leonard says that the goal is to brew 5,000 barrels next year and double production in 2014. They’ll eventually be able to max out production at 30,000 barrels annually before having to explore new options.

To help Breakside get there, the company signed with Maletis Beverage on Friday. Maletis will handle distribution duties for both draft and packages in Northwestern Oregon.

Breakside doesn’t plan to start packaging until spring or early summer next year and will likely use a mobile bottling company at the start. The company hasn’t committed to cans or bottles yet but would like to install a packaging line by the end of next year.

Lofty goals notwithstanding, the main priority, for now, is getting the brewhouse online and getting production batches out to the market. Leonard thinks this could happen around Thanksgiving. Doing so will help reduce stress on the existing brewpub system which is currently being pushed to the limits. The company plans to scale back production out of the brewpub to 450-500 barrels annually.

The new Breakside location will have 24 taps, primarily featuring beers brewed in-house.


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