Epic Brewing Co. plans to open new brewery in Denver

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[Photo: Epic Barley Wine by Adam Bahran

(Denver, CO) – The biggest news to arise out of Great American Beer Festival (GABF) festivities in Denver on Friday afternoon came from a Utah-based microbrewery.

Epic Brewing Co. Head Brewer, Kevin Compton, announced before a room full of media the company’s intentions to open a second brewery, this time in Denver, Colorado. A lease in currently being negotiated and the new facility is slated to have capacity of 15,000 barrels of beer, approximately equal to what the company can currently produce at its constrained Salt Lake City brewery. One report says that the new location could be open as early as December though early 2013 would seem more likely.

Epic added more tanks this summer to expand SLC capacity to 15,000 barrels, according to Communications Director, Mallika Filtz. Co-Owner, David Cole, said at the time, “this expansion will almost maximize our production capability in the existing space.”

The company has been trying to expand locally though it has been unable to clear a key hurdle in getting residential property located adjacent to the brewery re-zoned for commercial use. Some locals have been outspoken against the re-zoning and the city Planning Commission thinks that re-zoning the property could lead to additional administrative complications and other obstacles.

The Planning Commission forwarded Epic’s request to the City Council but with a negative recommendation after a split vote.

A public hearing will be held in the near future though it is starting to look like Epic’s expansion will focus around Denver.

The company, which opened in May 2010, projects to produce approximately 9,000 barrels in 2012 and is on pace to outgrow the facility next year.


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