Goose Island’s not-so-secret weapon for researching Brettanomyces (video)


Goose Island Beer logo(Chicago, IL) – This video from A Perfect Pint came across the Twitter feed on Sunday. It is a brief interview with Goose Island Brewmaster, Brett Porter, from last year’s GABF. They cover a decent amount of ground but the conversation gets pretty interesting at 5:40 when Porter starts talking about Brettanomyces.

In the video, he says that the A-B InBev acquisition enabled the company to buy (or access have to) a Gas Chromatographic Mass Spectrometer (it may be a special one for brewers). Sierra Nevada was the only craft brewery in the country to have one at the time of the video though New Belgium now appears to have one as well, according to a brewing chemist there.

Porter shares a couple learnings from using the device in the clip. What Porter refers to as the “GCL Mass Spec” can also be used for a wide range of other things with respect to enhancing beer quality, not just work with things like Brett [will someone use this as a jumping point to please write an article?].

Fitting that the company with the largest barrel program in the U.S. would have the greatest competitive advantage in working with those barrels…

Kudos to Ken Weaver and The Chicagoist for previously mentioning this device.


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5 thoughts on “Goose Island’s not-so-secret weapon for researching Brettanomyces (video)

  1. GCMS and it’s use/impact in brewing is fairly straightforward – GCMS takes a sample and spits out its parts.

    So, you put in beer and you can see what compounds are present in the beer and in what ratio. It opens up a whole world of analysis for your own beers, beers of others, comparing barrel A vs barrel B and so on. it’s one of the ‘big daddy’ sorts of tools in the lab, but it’s going to require a lot of brainpower to make sense of all of the data.

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